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 Can't help myself. . .


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It's January.  It's bleak.  (It's even snowing here right now.)  But.  There is much to be happy about!  Here are Ten Things I'm Happy About today . . . 

  1. I feel GOOD again!  Finally kicked that bug  . . . and can leave the house without a box of Kleenex and the worry about a coughing fit.
  2. Ice melt!  We had a bit of a January Thaw over the weekend, so streets are fairly ice-free.  Driving is easier, and it's even possible to walk the dogs again.  (This may be temporary.  Because snow.)
  3. Vacation plans!  Tom and I are finalizing plans on a trip to a much warmer place in March.  South.  Far south.
  4. Space!  Although I have a long way to go with Operation Create Space, I am inspired by the empty spaces I have already cleared.
  5. My gym!  Even though it is swarming with the usual influx of January People, my gym offers a great environment for working out.  (In the winter, I am especially happy about the indoor track.  Because I hate running on a treadmill.)
  6. Garden conferences!  The registration brochures are beginning to arrive in my mailbox.  I love thinking about gardening during the winter.
  7. More daylight!  Although it's barely noticeable . . . the gradual return of extended daylight makes me very happy.
  8. Having options!  I like deciding . . . how I'm going to spend my time, what I want to do next, what project I want to tackle, what I want to make for dinner.  Choice . . . is good.
  9. Simple pleasures!  I have a few things that just make me happy when I use them . . . a wine glass painted with birds, the orange leather cover on my planner, a pen that writes nicely.  
  10. Electricity, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and public services!  Yep.  Just read Station Eleven, and I am most appreciative of the world we live in.


What about YOU?  What are you happy about today?


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