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Beating Back January


January is such a bleak month.  It's long.  It's cold.  It's snowy.  It's dark.  There isn't any of the excitement and busy-ness of December.  

Just a long, long, bleak slog of a month.


(My backyard.  Before last week's big storm.)

Although it is nice to just hunker down and hibernate through the rest of winter,  I try my best to beat January back.  What do I do. . . to make winter less bleak?


1.  I give myself pedicures.

2.  And then go barefoot in the house.


3.  I tend my indoor plants.

4.  And I bring fresh flowers home from the grocery store.


5.  I read gardening magazines and catalogs. 

6.  And I dream about my own garden plans.


7.  I get out with the dogs as much as I can.

8.  And I keep myself moving.


9.  I light a candle and turn on some twinkle lights.

10. And I dream about beach vacations!

What about YOU?  How do you make winter . . . less bleak?


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