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Beating Back January


January is such a bleak month.  It's long.  It's cold.  It's snowy.  It's dark.  There isn't any of the excitement and busy-ness of December.  

Just a long, long, bleak slog of a month.


(My backyard.  Before last week's big storm.)

Although it is nice to just hunker down and hibernate through the rest of winter,  I try my best to beat January back.  What do I do. . . to make winter less bleak?


1.  I give myself pedicures.

2.  And then go barefoot in the house.


3.  I tend my indoor plants.

4.  And I bring fresh flowers home from the grocery store.


5.  I read gardening magazines and catalogs. 

6.  And I dream about my own garden plans.


7.  I get out with the dogs as much as I can.

8.  And I keep myself moving.


9.  I light a candle and turn on some twinkle lights.

10. And I dream about beach vacations!

What about YOU?  How do you make winter . . . less bleak?


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I like all your ideas, and the sun streaming through your stained glass windows in the bathroom defeats bleakness in a stunning, beautiful way!


Beach vacation...oh how I pray for a beach vacation! Nice toes!


I need to get myself a pedicure! Great list, dearie.


The dogs don't really seem to mind winter do they? I know mine just adores the snow. Doesn't garden planning make you forget that it's really cold out? Great list!


For me, the good news is more knitting time!


Um, go to California.


I love the candles!


I like the idea of planning a beach vacation and tending to the indoor plants. Visiting from Ten on Tuesday


We look through seed catalogs and make lists of the seeds we need/want to things like Drunken Lady Frizzy lettuce!


Your pictures look cheerful and bright. I think I'll just hang out on your blog to beat back January!! :D


Pedicures! I need to steal this idea!


lovely list! I especially love walking around the house in bare feet with freshly painted toes (that will be me on Thursday - I'm promising myself!) ... and I hope you have grand plans for "our" garden next summer :-)


Look at that lovely light in your bathroom!

According to Timehop, this is PRIME vacation planning season for me! And, in a couple of weeks, away we go... I even wish departure was just a little later because I so enjoy the planning and anticipation.

I'll have a good time, though, no matter what. ;)

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