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A Kind of Stuck

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I didn't have much time for knitting earlier this fall, and all of the time I did have was spent on this project.  Once that was complete, I didn't really know what to knit next.

So I just kind of . . . got stuck in a moment . . .


Knitting hats!

Six* of them.

Same pattern.

All in a row.

Not even for Christmas gifts.  (Except for that dark blue/black one you can barely see in the photo above.  It's the first thing I've knit - so far - for Brian's girlfriend, Lauren.)  (And I did wrap that one up and put it under the tree for her.  Sadly, no photo.)


When you want some instant knitting-gratification, there's really nothing better than a great hat pattern paired with lovely yarn.  

And there's a quick payoff, too.  Both Brian and Tom think it's the "best hat you've ever knitted for me."


 I have a feeling this isn't the last time I'll get stuck in this kind of moment!

(Ravelry details here.)


*  I actually knit seven-and-a-half of these hats.  One was a total knit-over (because I forgot to switch my needles after the ribbing and it would've been far too small for the intended recipient).  And I started a seventh with some colorful yarn (you can see it in the first photo in this post), but it looked like clown-barf when knit up, so I ripped it at the half-way point (I gave it a good chance) and decided to move on.