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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. . .

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Outfits

On Friday night, we'll be attending Tom's work Christmas party.  It's always a Very Nice party, and we're looking forward to a fun celebration.  As for me?  I'm desperately trying to figure out what to wear.  (Of course.)  I don't need to buy anything new or special, but I still want to put together Just The Right Look.  (Y'know?)

Which got me thinking about . . . "Christmas outfits."  Those special outfits of yesteryear that you wore through the holiday season. 

When we were little girls, my sister and I usually got something special to wear at Christmastime -- for family gatherings and school concerts and church events, etc.  These outfits were usually somewhat festive and definitely outside the realm of "everyday wear."  We're talking . . . red velveteen jumpers, lacy blouses, blue velveteen dresses.  Special.

But nothing -- absolutely nothing -- compared to the love we had for our pink lace pantsuits!!!

Scan 12

(Not hard to pick the sister-groups in this old family photo with my cousins!!!)

Christmas 1970.  I was in sixth grade . . . age 11 . . . and I thought those pink lace pantsuits were the Epitome of Groovy! I remember thinking I was As Cool as Marcia Brady.  I remember rocking the look at my 6th grade band concert -- the only girl in pants!!!!  And I remember feeling so special that Christmas Eve with my cousins!  (I've also got to admit that I loved my cousins "wet look" mini skirts and vests, too!  We were a stylin' group -- no doubt about it!)

Whatever I end up wearing to Tom's work party on Friday night, it won't hold a candle to my 1970 Christmas Outfit, that's for sure!!!



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What? You don't have a new pink lace jumpsuit? You'd look so stylin' if you did. Love that you and your cousins had matching family outfits. You look so cute and happy with your new holiday suits.
Surely, you have a little black dress and classy pair of earrings. It's a look that will take you anywhere today.


So contemporary! And look at how blonde your sister is. Oh the 70's!


All the girls and their outfits look so cool that I feel a bit sorry for the lone male cousin that only gets to wear a white shirt and pants. Please tell me he had a peace sign necklace or a fringed leather vest in 1971!


Definitely as cool as Marcia Brady!


Get out your sewing machine and whip up another pink lace jumpsuit! Love this look back - have fun at your party!


You were definitely stylin'. Many of my earliest memories are of clothes that I loved--my dotted swiss floor length flower girl dress, the red coat with a collar trimmed with white fur--and this was before I was school age. It is so much fun to see your special outfits!


ENCORE! That's awesome! I absolutely love this. ;)


what an awesome look! you were definitely Marcia Brady that year. have fun at Tom's party (Marc's is next weekend...and yikes! I'm gonna be in your shoes in a week!)


Love the stand-up collar...so very much in style back then. I think the Beatles might have made it fashionable.
Such a cute picture! Love that the family member match each other. The poor boy just got a white shirt and khakis though...

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