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Random Stuff on a Friday

My blog posts this week have been rather . . . meager.  (It's a busy time of year, and I'm pretty much winging it in every corner of my life at the moment, truth be told.)  I've collected a whole-lotta-random this week, though, so I thought I'd share it all with you today.

Here goes some RANDOM on a Friday:


Tom was visiting Mumbai last week.  When he's there, he always has a driver to get him where he needs to be (and if you've ever seen traffic move in Mumbai, you'd totally understand why a driver is a necessity).  This time, Tom took a photo for me -- of this sign in his car:


(Right.  Doesn't everyone need a . . . hammer. . . in their car????) (Such luxury!)


I got a little going-away gift from the folks in my office today.  It looks like some sort of . . . handbag.  Or maybe a piccolo case.  Round.  Hard-sided.  LOTS more sparkly than the photo shows.


Any guesses????


Yep.  It's a wine-bottle-purse!  It holds one bottle of wine AND a corkscrew.  Perfectly.


Earlier this fall, I ordered my sister and I a special Venice advent calendar.


It's been great fun to open the various windows -- because it's a perfect reminder of our trip last September.  It's so cool to open a window . . . 


and say, "HEY! I saw that!!!"




It's time to sign up for One Little Word 2015 . . .


If you've been thinking about joining the One Little Word adventure, I just want to let you know that sign-ups are open for 2015.  Just click here to learn more about the year-long project -- and take advantage of a temporary class fee discount.  


And that's a wrap. . .

Happy Friday!




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A hammer? Really?
The people at work really know you! ;)
Perfect advent calendar...sweet memories!


I think I need a wine purse!


I signed up! And I got you this for your new purse...


That advent calendar is fantastic and the wine purse is the best gift ever!

Cheryl S.

The Advent calendar is gorgeous! Love the wine purse, too.


The amenities list is amusing (?). The way these people drive makes me glad they include a first aid kit. Your coworkers definitely had your number. You'll have to carry that glitzy bag wherever you go. Finally, the Advent calendar is totally charming. Happy weekend!


Oh, what a great calendar!! Lovely reminder.
Hm. OLW... FOCUS would be a good one to start. ;)
I'm going to consider it.


Advent calendars are my favorite part of the season. The wine carrier is the perfect gift for you and it's obvious your office knows you!


Yay for "life" making it too busy to blog!! that wine bag is so fun, as is the advent calendar. and everything else I know you have going on ... but didn't share! merry merry!!

Sharon R.

I WANT that wine purse! That is amazing! Could you please send me the link for the Advent Calendar? I have a small collection and that would be the perfect addition for next year.

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