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Christmases Long Long Ago: Dear Santa

Not long ago, as I was going through some files, I found this . . . 


Erin's letter to Santa dated December 2, 1995!  Erin was in first grade that Christmas -- missing her front teeth and everything.

Copy of First Grade

Lucky Girlie!  Santa delivered -- and Erin found Kirsten under the tree on Christmas morning. 
(And, really . . . how could he resist, since she "bin good" and all???)


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Great Santa letter. Hannah had a Kirsten doll, too, maybe around 1998 or so. She got the doll for her birthday and then for Christmas that year Dale made her a doll bed and I made a teeny quilt for it. So cute!


Such good memories and how delightful to have Erin letter written to Santa. Even better that Santa (she is a wonderful person) delivered.


So cute! Supposedly the Kirsten character is named for a woman who lives in the town north of us. Could be true or urban legend!


Oh my. Took me a little while to figure out the last line. "I Lrnt ho to rit." I did indeed. Spelling, however, came later. Much later. :)

This is really cool, Mom! Thanks for saving it. And for being such a great Santa!!

Wow that was...almost 20 years ago. Wow.


Adorable. I love running across the girls' old cards and letters, little stories they wrote... with that fabulous sound-it-out spelling!


I almost want to go upstairs and pore through the two boxes where I kept all the girls' stuff. (almost :-) It is great that you kept this - and that Erin appreciates it, too!

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