It's Over!
Friday Fun . . Especially in December

Christmases Long, Long Ago


Check out these sweet little girls . . .
Waiting so patiently to open some gifts on Christmas Eve long, long ago!


(Based on our dresses and hairstyles -- not to mention my Mom's couch -- I'm guessing I was in 3rd grade and my sister in kindergarten . . . so this must be Christmas Eve 1967.)

In our family, my Grandparents always came to our house for dinner on Christmas Eve.  My mom was usually a wreck about it - and my sister and I were always crazed with excitement.  I could never understand my mom's stress when I was a child.  Because Christmas Eve.  (But now I totally get it, because Christmas Eve.)  Anyway . . . we got to open a few presents (to take the "edge" off) once my Grandparents arrived.  (The Real Deal - the big Christmas Rip-Fest - didn't happen at our house until Christmas morning.)

I was SO excited about Christmas when I was a kid.  (Best Day of the Year!!!)  
You can see it my eyes!