Countdown to Christmas

Bringing Light to the Darkness

Last night was Winter Solstice . . . the darkest night of the year.  


To celebrate, Tom and I lit candles and turned on our Christmas twinkle lights.


Then, we went in search of Christmas lights in Kalamazoo.  First we found this house . . .


Bright.  A bit over-the-top.  But kind of charming.

Then, we found this one . . . 


It's hard to capture the . . . experience . . . of this home light display with a mere iPhone camera.  Because there is animation.  And flickering.  Lots of twinkle.  3-D everywhere.  And music.

Also . . . this is only part of the display.  Here's the rest . . . 


Now THAT is bringing light to the darkness!



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I wouldn't want to pay that electric bill! Happy Solstice!


Oh my. That might be a bit much.
The practical side of me always wonders who puts it up and who takes it all down and where in the world do they store it all? :)


What Marilyn said! The time involved...yikes! Fun for those of us that drive around though!


Merry & Bright!!


There is a house near us that does the same thing, but it's so hard to get near enough to watch the show we don't even try. Happy Solstice! You celebrated it right!


Light is the perfect thing to bring Christmas into our hearts. I am hoping to make it to the Denver Botanic Gardens prior to Christmas. If not, right after! Wishing you a blessed Christmas full of light!


I like your candle and twinkle lights more! and sadly, it was so cloudy here today, it never really got light. maybe tomorrow?

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