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Attention Shoppers!

ToT-ButtonI'm not really much of a shopper.

There.  I said it.

Sure, there are times when I like to wander through a new little shop or a store I particularly like -- when I'm travelling or maybe just in the mood for a little something.  

But mostly . . . not so much.  

Shopping (especially at "real stores") is something I generally avoid because I think of . . . shopping as a chore.  Plain and simple.  (And especially at this time of year!)


Today, though, Carole has us thinking about Stores We Like.  (And there are definitely some stores I like WAY more than others.)  Here goes:

  1. Little specialty shops -- You know the ones?  Those little charming shops that have unique,  fun items that you can't find anywhere else?  Those are my favorite places to shop.
  2. Art fairs -- I love discovering unique, hand-crafted items at local art fairs.  You just never know what you'll find.
  3. Target -- There was a time . . . when my kids were little and Most Uncooperative when it came to shopping . . . that my personal motto was "if I can't get it at Target, I won't buy it."  I still shop there quite often.
  4. Costco -- We just got a new Costco here in Kalamazoo.  I am Quite Excited!
  5. Local nurseries -- (Oh, don't get me thinking about nurseries at this point in the season.)  We have some GREAT local nurseries here in Kalamazoo -- and I love to shop them all!
  6. DSW -- It seems I can't get out of that place with Just One pair of shoes.  (And I'm not even a "shoe person.")
  7. Eddie Bauer -- They have my number.  (It's like they design their clothes with me in mind.)
  8. Macys -- But only certain departments.  Eileen Fisher.  Estee Lauder.  And handbags.
  9. Nordstroms -- The one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, to be specific.
  10. Michaels -- I actually hate Michaels, but . . . I am a FOOL for Michaels.  Total FOOL.  I seem go into a daze whenever I go into a Michaels, and end up filling my cart with all sorts of projects and materials.  

How about YOU?  What stores do you like to shop?


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