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This week, Carole has us thinking about musicians -- and, specifically, about musicians we'd like to bring back from the dead.

Brian, Tom and I collaborated on this topic, and, for the most part, we agreed on the list.  (But, in the end, it's my blog.  So my choices rule!) 

I'll start off with a soundtrack . . . from one musician we'd all bring back from the dead . . . 


1.  Kurt Cobain
        Brian: Cobain.
        Kym: Definitely.


2.  John Lennon and George Harrison
        Kym:  John.  And George.
        Brian:  Knew it.


3.  Jim Croce
        Tom:  Jim Croce.
        Kym:  Oh, yeah!
        Brian:  Who?


4.  Mozart
        Kym:  I think . . . Mozart.
        Brian:  You would.  (Mom.  Some musicians should just stay dead.)


5.  John Bonham
        Brian:  Bonham.
        Kym:  Knew it.


6.  Jimi Hendrix
        Brian:  Jimi.
        Brian:  Because he was so good.  


7.  Buddy Holly
        Tom:  Buddy Holly.
        Kym:  Buddy Holly?
        Tom:   Yeah.  The Day the Music Died and all . . .


8.  Jerry Garcia
        Tom:  Jerry Garcia.  Definitely.
        Kym:  Knew it!


9.  Freddie Mercury
        Tom:  Freddie Mercury!
        Tom:  Because he was so good, too.


10.  Eva Cassidy
         Kym:  Eva Cassidy.
         Tom:  Who?
         Brian: Who?
         Kym:  See?  She died way too soon.

How about YOU?  Which musicians would you like to bring back from the dead?


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How could I forget George Harrison?! I didn't know about Eva Cassidy before I read Patty's post this morning, but at least I'm in good company with Tom and Brian!


Everyone on your list would have been on my list if I'd made it to 20. I did have a picture of Nirvana album, if you noticed. Jerry was on my list, but I had to add my favorite jazz guys, well, just because no one else would. :)


She did die too young! I know exactly where I was the first time I heard her voice. (Provincetown)Jerry would never make it to my list but the rest...absolutely!


OMG, I love the commentary!!


So many on my list that was way too long.

Lydia S

Thought to include several of these as well, when you start looking at the ones who are gone it is pretty sad.


Your list is great but the running commentaries from you, Brian and Tom are THE BEST. Thanks for the laughs.


This is a great post. I can't believe I didn't think of Eva Cassidy. I really love her.


LOVE the collaboration! (and especially how you incorporated it) ... a great list - so diverse (as I'd expect!)'s hard to cover it all with just ten!


I love your music posts. So diverse! I also enjoyer the video links.


I love everyone's voices/commentaries as you picked them. I think I'd add Elvis...but the young Elvis not the old one!

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