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This week, Carole has us thinking about musicians -- and, specifically, about musicians we'd like to bring back from the dead.

Brian, Tom and I collaborated on this topic, and, for the most part, we agreed on the list.  (But, in the end, it's my blog.  So my choices rule!) 

I'll start off with a soundtrack . . . from one musician we'd all bring back from the dead . . . 


1.  Kurt Cobain
        Brian: Cobain.
        Kym: Definitely.


2.  John Lennon and George Harrison
        Kym:  John.  And George.
        Brian:  Knew it.


3.  Jim Croce
        Tom:  Jim Croce.
        Kym:  Oh, yeah!
        Brian:  Who?


4.  Mozart
        Kym:  I think . . . Mozart.
        Brian:  You would.  (Mom.  Some musicians should just stay dead.)


5.  John Bonham
        Brian:  Bonham.
        Kym:  Knew it.


6.  Jimi Hendrix
        Brian:  Jimi.
        Brian:  Because he was so good.  


7.  Buddy Holly
        Tom:  Buddy Holly.
        Kym:  Buddy Holly?
        Tom:   Yeah.  The Day the Music Died and all . . .


8.  Jerry Garcia
        Tom:  Jerry Garcia.  Definitely.
        Kym:  Knew it!


9.  Freddie Mercury
        Tom:  Freddie Mercury!
        Tom:  Because he was so good, too.


10.  Eva Cassidy
         Kym:  Eva Cassidy.
         Tom:  Who?
         Brian: Who?
         Kym:  See?  She died way too soon.

How about YOU?  Which musicians would you like to bring back from the dead?


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