We Gathered Together
Sundays . . . Are for Poetry

Somewhat Nuts V

Saturdays are for . . . 

Looking up.


There was a lovely, rosy glow in the sky this morning when I woke up to let the dogs out.  It's cold - and clear.

Show and Tell.


I bought this cheery bird painting many years ago, when we first moved into our current house.  (We're in our 12th year here, so it's been awhile.)  It hangs in my front entryway, over a little knick-knack shelf next to the front door.

The painting just charmed me from the first time I saw it!


I used to think of it as a "family portrait."  I was the bird with the long legs, firmly planted on the ground.  Erin was the little one, hovering above the ground, and Brian was the little, squat bird.  Tom was the one coming in for a landing . . . meeting us after work!  It makes me smile every day.



When my kids come home, the first thing they do is get down on the floor for Proper Dog Greetings.  They love coming home to for a little Dog Time.


And, trust me . . . it's mutual!  The dogs are awfully lonely when their far-away-pack-members leave them behind once again.  (For us AND the dogs, that will be later today as Erin and Keith head back to Pittsburgh.)

Enjoy your Saturday (this last in November . . . and last in NaBloPoMo!).



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I love that your birds are family members! Safe travels to Erin and Keith; hopefully the humans at home and the dogs can console each other!


That print is great and your family analogy is perfect. When Dixie was still with us and Hannah was away at college - oh, those reunions!


How fun you have a story to go with the picture. Dogs love being in packs and they'll miss Erin and Keith very much. Enjoy your Saturday!


Great picture and I love how you see your family in it.
You get such great pictures of your dogs. I think they love you!!


A post full of dogs is always a good post.


That picture is so fetching--I too come from a family of four but these birds don't look like us--it's fun that it reminds you of your sibs. And doggy love...always a good thing!


Sweet. I can't believe that the last of November is upon us.


that is a charming family portrait :-) and I can really relate to Dog Time...or Holly can. I know she's been feeling a little left out with all the Charlie Time, but Sara's given her lots (and lots!) of attention. I can't believe it's Sunday already. Where did the holiday weekend go? (where did November go?!)

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