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The snow has finally stopped, and we were greeted by a lovely sunrise on Friday morning.  Today, however . . . freezing rain.  (You can't win 'em all.)



This painting . . . is the last thing I see every time I leave the house (placed right at the back door and all).  It makes me smile every time I see it.  The artist?  Brian.  Third grade.  Apparently, he didn't "follow directions" in art class that day.  His was a little different than all the other third grade art students.  His teacher (NOT one of my favorites) pointed this out to me.  

But.  Isn't that what ART CLASS should be about?  NOT following directions?  Making it your own?  Being a litte different?  Why should an elementary school art class be promoting cookie-cutter crafting projects?  I was highly annoyed.  But delighted with the painting.

So I framed it.



  Erin and Jake 1

This is Jake, our dog-before-Jenny . . . and the dog of my children's childhoods.  (That's also high-school-Erin; she was a sophomore.)  Jake was a white German Shepherd, most likely mixed with a bit of lab.  His instincts, though, were pure Shepherd - protect and defend!  He was an incredible dog -- and we still miss him every day!

Jake was a "herder."  He was very clear about his boundaries -- and he never stepped outside of them without our permission.  He kept the kids inside the borders, too!  When Erin and Brian were in elementary school, their bus stop was directly across the street from our house.  Jake would wait for them every day.  He knew when it was time for them to come home (of course), and he would position himself at the very corner of our yard.  (Really.  He couldn't be any closer to the boundary and still be in it!)  And then he would wait.  He'd get a little fidgety when the bus was close.  But he would never step outside the boundary.  He'd wait as the bus pulled up to the stop.  He'd wait while they got off the bus.  He'd wait while they crossed the street.  And then . . . but not until they stepped into the yard . . . he'd go CRAZY with welcoming them home!  And, of course, he would herd them all the way into the house!  

Happy Saturday!


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That's a great story about Jake waiting for the kids to get off the bus! Dixie was a wandered and she would have roamed the world if we hadn't kept her on a lead.


Jake! He's a handsome guy. And what a great pet. Happy Saturday to all of you too!


I love Brian's painting! My sons had an art teacher like that in middle school, and I often think that she managed to kill any love they had for art. They were both prolific drawers/painters/makers before Miss L, but it took several years of art, ceramics, and photography in high school for them to recover from Miss L's fussy adherence to rules.


Art class was always so hard for me because I didn't have a parent like you! Jake sounds like he was a perfect playmate, as well as defender and protector, a great combination for a parent and child.


Aw, sweet puppy story!!

I love Brian's painting. Also love that you had it framed. ;)


All right, all right, I will stop complaining about the couple of inches of snow and a few days of bitter cold! Brian's picture is very creative and the colors are so well done. Some theories of teaching are just plain bogus.


I love the Jake story; that internal clock that dogs have about their people coming home amazes me. And Brian's painting is bright, fun and full of light - can't imagine what the teacher's instructions were, but clearly he was following a better idea!


I have artwork of the boys' that I need to frame. Love Brian's!
Jake was a beautiful dog...German Shepherds are a special breed...they love their people!

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