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It was 12 degrees F when I woke up this morning.  (Seriously?  Already?)



When I was a little girl, my mom had pilgrim candles just like these.  I loved them!  I thought they were just the cutest things.  Sometimes, I would sneak them in to play with my Liddle Kiddles, and sometimes my mom let me get away with it.  Over the years, the pilgrim candles took a bit of a beating (those Kiddles being a rough crowd and all), and I'm pretty sure my mom just tossed them at some point.  A few years ago, I found these reproduction pilgrim candles in some catalog, and the Nostalgia Wave washed over me.  Now, I'm really excited to get them out each November.  (No one else in my household is enamored of them.  But for me, they just bring a warm, cozy feeling.)



There is MUCH Dog Joy in our back yard.  (Jenny and JoJo love frolicking in the snow, so they're having a grand time out there!)

Happy Saturday!


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The throwback candles are very sweet. If it's any consolation it's 12 degrees and falling here. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!


Wow, that's cold. It's pretty chilly here today but nothing like that. My mom had those candles, too!


I hope you finally broke down and put shoes on. Brr!


My mom had the same pilgrims. Sweet.
Give the puppies a skritch from me. :)


We didn't have the pilgrim candles, but we did have the Halloween ghosts and Christmas figural candles from the same company. Between candles and Liddle Kiddles, the Nostalgia Wave is also washing over me!


we had the pilgrim candles, too! (in fact, I wonder if my sister still has them?!) - and I cannot believe the snow. yikes. November 15th.


My mom had pilgrim candles, too!! I loved them as much as you cute, so much fun, so many memories. It's 16 here this cold and not much hope of warm up. Hope you can cozy up with your puppies and stay warm!

Sharon R.

I can't believe that you have so much snow. It must be that lake-effect stuff. It's been snowing here all day today, but not staying on the ground. That, I know, will come. Love the candles!


Ok, so I am confused and I guess I would have to go back a bit and start reading, but I thought you were in Venice?
PS...I loved my Liddle Kiddles (another collection..ha!)

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