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Saturdays are for . . .

Looking Up.


It's November.  The forecast is for cold and wet.  And the sky shows the truth in both of those statements.



We have this globe in our library.  It's just a cheapy, made of cardboard on a faux-wood and plastic base (with a dent just off the coast of South Africa), but it's a great and oft-used globe.  It spins and tilts and comes in surprisingly handy!  It's so nice to have such a low-tech item in our high-tech world!



These two look so well-behaved and attentive, don't they?  Waiting for my every command?  HAH!  They are just eagerly awaiting their dehydrated sweet potato snack that I'm reaching for in the cupboard behind me . . . after a lovely walk on a crisp fall afternoon!

Happy Saturday!


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It's sunny here but there's not a lot of warmth to the sun. Damn. Cute dogs. :-)


Looks like a day made for reading and knitting!


You looked up, down, and all around and perspective paid off for us! We use our lo-tech map of the world (on the basement wall) frequently. I love maps. It's always fun to see Jenny and Jo-Jo!


we've got chilly blue skies...Like October stayed an extra week. I'm not complaining.


Ugh. Snow predicted in Wisconsin for Monday -- anywhere from zero to over a foot, depending on location. I certainly feel your "cold and wet"!! Happy Saturday!


Those are very cute doggie faces, even if mischievous.


We've got a cheapy globe on the sofa table. It was DH's when he was a kid and that makes it special. :)
Puppies look like "Whatcha doin'?? Gettin' treats? Hunh, are we gonna get treats?!?"


I've always wanted a globe! And it's fa-fa-fa-reeezing here today. Boooo! Boone says hey girls!


It looks so like our globe (on a different stand). Like you, we use ours surprisingly frequently. Yea for low tech!

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