Giving Thanks, Take 4
Happy Thanksgiving!

Right Now . . . November 2014

November . . . You've just gone whizzing past.  Leaving a trail of . . . weather . . . in your path!  


Here's what's happening for me. . . Right Now! 

Watching . . . Snow come. Snow go. Not much on the ground at the moment (it's really amazing how quickly 19 inches of snow can melt in the crazy-weather days of November), but I hear more is on the way.

Reading . . . I'm reading Small Blessings (Martha Woodroof) on my iPad, and I've just started listening to Some Luck (the new one by Jane Smiley).  It's too early for me to have an opinion on either of them.  But I just finished We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler - and loved it. WARNING:  If you're thinking about reading that last one, don't click the link and don't bother to read ABOUT the book before you begin.  This is one that is best approached without any fore-knowledge. (And that's coming from someone who has no qualms about reading the ending first.)


Knitting . . . You guessed it!  Still working on this shawl.  But.  I'm so close to finishing that I can taste it!  A couple of good hours this weekend and I'll be done!!

Listening to . . . The new Foo Fighters album.  (Of course.)


Planning . . .  I am in FULL Holiday Planning Mode.  I kind of hate this part of the holidays, but once I get myself completely organized, I'll be ready to sit back and just let it all unwind.

Feeling . . . Better now.  But I've been struggling with a nasty attack of diverticulitis this week.  (It happens.)  I'm hoping to be back on solid food in time for Thanksgiving dinner. . .

Humming . . . Papa was a Rolling Stone.  Temptations.  (Don't ask.  I never know why these songs pop into my head.)


Wondering . . . How folks DO the Black Friday thing.  Because I just . . . can't. 

Drinking . . . Liquids.  (See above.)


Itching to . . . Just sit.  And knit.  (But not until the weekend.)

Needing to . . . Get to the grocery store for One.Last.Thing.  (Before the CRAZY really begins.)


Organizing . . .  All Holiday All the Time!

Delighted by . . . My new fridge!  (Our old one died . . . thankfully, in the midst of the polar vortex.  So we could just use the garage as our ice box.)  (I'm so excited because a matching new stove/oven is coming, too.  But not until after Thanksgiving.)


Inspired by . . .  Craft Friday!  I heard about it first on Beverly's blog, and I am so excited to participate.  I have my materials ready.  (Now I just need to dig out my sewing machine. . .)


Celebrating . . . Thanksgiving!  With both kids, their significant others, and my parents.  It's going to be a great day!

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?


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I agree with your advice about Fowler's book! It was so different & enjoyable to read. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sucks that you are feeling bad. I hope you'll feel better before the food festival tomorrow.


Hope you can partake in all the turkey day food.
It's gingerbread house time!! :D
I need to at least make a list of things to do...o.0


Your Thanksgiving is going to be great - I just hope you're enjoying solid foods by then because turkey and stuffing in a blender? Not so good.


So sorry you're not feeling up to par and I hope you feel well enough to enjoy the bounty of food you prepare! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! xox


Great stuff is going on in your life, and I hope feeling better very soon is included. My grandmother always said you can tell the best recipes in the cookbook by the splatters on the pages; that looks like a great page!


I'm looking for a bookclub pick (I host next April) - I'm going to read the Karen Joy Fowler...and see what you think of the other two (there's also the new Anne Tyler...) Hope you are back to solid food today - not at all the day for tummy troubles. and woohoo on the new fridge (and the almost finished shawl!) Happy Thanksgiving!!


Is that Joy of Cooking?? :) and also <3

Just put "...Beside Ourselves" on hold at the library. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to holding a real book, too.

Sorry about not feeling good -- hope you're right, and that you were able to enjoy...

And with all your family about, I'm sure you did!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh no! That is one nasty affliction! I hope you've gotten better and were able to enjoy the holiday.

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