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Giving Thanks, Take 4


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Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip! I've really enjoyed all the sights and stories.


I loved going on this journey with you as you reminisced about all of it. Your pictures captured everything beautifully and I thank you for sharing it!


Thank-you for that wonderful tour of Italy! It's been a beautiful trip and thank-you for sharing it!


This was the most memorable trip I've ever taken to Italy! :) Thank you for sharing the sights,the food, the lovely uniqueness that is Italy!


What a fantastic trip! I'm so glad that you shared it with us. I can't wait until you go on vacation again!!


Thanks for "taking us along" on your trip. Loved it! :)


What glorious photos, memories, and fun. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara S

Thanks for sharing your trip. I enjoyed being a vicarious traveler. So wonderful that you and your sister take the time to travel together.


I've SO enjoyed these postcards...hate that there won't be anymore showing up in my blog reader! (definitely looking forward to your next trip - have you said where?)

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