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Postcards from Italy: On the Water

Dear friends:

Before our trip to Italy, when I imagined Venice . . . I imagined gondolas!


Gondolas . . . complete with gonodoliers in black-and-white striped shirts.  With straw hats.  And ribbons.  Maybe singing . . . with an accordian, too.

And.  Well.  They're there, alright.  (Not so much with the straw hats and ribbons, though.) (And the singing and accordians are available -- for extra fees.)

In fact, some of my first views of Venice - from our water taxi from train station to hotel - included gondolas.  (Another icon.  I giggled.)



Tourist Trap.

And we knew it.  We really did.

But we decided we couldn't resist.  (Although we opted out on the accordian and the singing.)


Because, really.  How can you be in Venice . . . and NOT take a gondola ride???


We started out on the Grand Canal . . . with an awesome view of the Rialto Bridge.  (Really, the best way to SEE the Rialto Bridge is from the middle of the Grand Canal.)


Our twenty-minute ride took us through several canals and under many bridges.


Our gondolier. No straw hat. . .


Was it worth it?  Oh, yeah.  It's overpriced and a total tourist trap.  But I don't regret it for a moment.  If you find yourself in Venice, be sure to hop aboard a gondola!  It's one of those things you've just got to do.  (Shop around a bit, though, because the rates are variable, and the gondoliers are independent; they set their own rates.)

Until next time (because there is still more to show-and-tell you.  . ),




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It's definitely a must even if it is a tourist-y thing to do. The views are gorgeous!


A few touristy things are required! It looks like at least he had on the black & white striped shirt...


A gondola ride is so iconic it would seem disappointing not to do it! My fun fact for the day: I was wondering if gondoliers needed a license (they do) and wikipedia also told me that gondolas used to be fitted with a small cabin to protect the passengers. The cabin's windows could be closed with louvered shutters - Venetian blinds! Looking forward to more postcards!


Oh my, that is all I can say. What a trip of a lifetime and yes....the gondola!!


I couldn't have resisted either. The pictures are lovely and I really enjoyed seeing them this morning.


When I was there 10 years ago in March, we took a gondola ride in cold, snowy weather. The gondoliers were wearing hooded sweatshirts that day. You are right, it is one of those things you must do in Venice!


Absolutely on the gondola! What a great adventure and look at that beautiful rug he's standing on!


Beautiful! It looks like it was a fabulous day. Still loving your postcards from Italy! It's on my list,


Many Tourist traps are created because they are wonderful experiences. This was surely one of those.


If I ever get to Venice I will pop for the whole deal and demand they wear a hat with a ribbon, too! :) At least your guy had a striped shirt on. I love the photos, especially the bridges!


Imagine if you hadn't done it. You would have kicked yourself for years... Wise choice!


love the views. (and the black and white striped shirt :-)

Sharon R.

I'll never forget my first view of Venice when I walked out of the train station. It took my breath away! I've been there twice and, am ashamed to say, have never done the gondola ride. I plan to go back and do all the touristy things at some point in the future.

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