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Postcards from Italy: Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

Dear friends, 

Our time here in Venice is running out, but we have one last side trip we've been really excited about.  Join us on our last day in Venice, as we hop aboard a tourist-filled boat at a busy port . . .


and head out for a day trip to visit three islands in the northern Venetian lagoon:  Murano, Burano, and Torcello.  By this point, I must admit, we are touristed-out!  So many people; so many sights.  


I think this will be a fun diversion from the hustle and bustle of Venice!  

First, we visited Murano, home of the famous Murano glass.


Really, our visit to Murano was All About the Glass.  We were herded from the boat to one of the Murano glass factories . . . 


for a demonstration of glass making . . . 


and then we were shown a Murano glass showroom, where the salespeople were not Overly Forceful, but certainly Ever-Present (and they made it very clear, over and over, that they could SHIP TO THE U.S.). 


(We escaped without purchase.)

Next, we headed to neighboring island, Burano.  


Burano is known as one of the most colorful places to visit in the world -- and they aren't kidding!


(My sister LOVED pink as a little girl.  (LOVED.)  This house would've been her childhood dream house.)

Burano was absolutely charming!


(Yeah.  It's really leaning like that.  Cables are holding it up.  For now.)





Burano is also well-known for it's lace.  (We didn't buy any lace . . . but we did a bit of shopping in Burano.)  Burano was an absolutely lovely spot -- refreshing and fun.


Our last stop . . . 


Torcello is the oldest continuously inhabited region of Venice, although not very "habited" now.  It is the home of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, founded in 639.  (Yeah. 639.)






We were completely charmed by the lovely gardens on Torcello.


So many little surprises!  Like this corridor garden between buildings, full of old statues (and this guy, who looks like he's photo-bombing).


Torcello was such a peaceful interlude - especially after the tourist press of Venice!





Back in Venice, after our delightful day visiting the islands, we enjoyed our "last supper" in Italy, with

Wine . . .


Pasta . . . 


and tiramisu (invented in Venice)!


Next time, I'll give you all one last look at Venice before heading for home.  So . . . 

Ciao, for now my friends!



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Torcello does look lovely and peaceful. Thanks for clarifying the 639; I thought maybe you forgot the 1!


Italy is magical. Thank you!!


Oh tiramisu! What a beautiful tour of the islands...and I still like that pink house!


I would like to stay in Burano forever. It looks utterly charming and peaceful.


I think I like this part of your trip the best. I would never have made it away without buying glass...I'm very much in love with colored glass...Oh Look! Pretty shiny things!! ;)


Wow. One of my aunts used to blow glass -- much simpler, of course; glasswork is fascinating!

What a gorgeous trip!!


That side trip sounds like just the thing for a nice break from Venice. I'd have bought glass.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

They must not have had any stitch markers in Murano! ; )

What a lovely outing!

Julia in KW

When we visited Murano with our 17 year old, we also visited the Glassblowing shops and saw the demonstrations. We made it out without buying something - i wanted to, but the juice glass I picked up that was lighter than air was 200 euro - gently putting it back on the shelf - whew! However, I paid for it later - when my son went to school for glassblowing - several years later and a graduation from Sheridan College, and my son is blowing glass for a living in Kingston, ON! :) And I've got quite a collection of glass in the house now! ;)


Beautiful. Never got to Venice and its surroundings, so it was so nice to see it so well-photographed. Almost like being there.


what a lovely interlude! looks like the perfect respite from the Venetian crowds...but oh am I sorry the trip is almost over!!

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