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Knitting as a Metaphor for Life


Sometimes, I get sucked into knitting something . . . that I really don't want to knit.




Usually, I can tell right away that the "fit" isn't quite right with my mood or my mindset.

The colors aren't working.

The yarn doesn't feel right.

Knitting is a chore. . . rather than a pleasant release.

Sometimes a little change or tweak will make the situation better.

A different color.

Better needles.

Sometimes a whole new pattern.

But sometimes, even with tweaks, I can tell that things are not right.

Bad juju.

Not fully buying-in.

Unresolved underlying issues.

Now, other people might take a look at my project and think I'm nuts.  They might even think that I've got a perfect project going.

Why would she not want to finish?

What is she complaining about?

I'd take that in a minute!

But, you see, knitting projects get complicated sometimes.  (And I'm not talking about the instructions!)  Sometimes there is just more to it than . . . knits and purls.

Sometimes, you have to realize that the project just ain't right!

Sometimes, you have to walk away.

Even if you've made a commitment to the project.  And even if you've already spent much of your precious time working on it.

Because . . . life . . . is too short . . . to knit bad projects.

Or to get yourself stuck in a bad situation, for that matter.

Because Knitting . . . is a lot like Life. 

The trick is to know when to rip.







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Ravello? I've swatched twice and not gotten gauge. I do like the colors but understand the bad juju! ;-)


Like you said...I think it looks good. But I understand where you are coming from. I'm knitting a baby sweater where the yarn just didn't like the pattern. Rip! Thankfully I found a pattern the yarn does like. :)


That's just it, life is too short to knit something you don't love just as life is too short to read bad books. There are too many bad sweaters in my cupboard (or at goodwill) because I was sucked in. Just.don' Knit what speaks to you. RIP!


There is alot of wisdom written down here.


I love your words of wisdom! That feeling of having a weight lifted after I've ripped is wonderful confirmation that my decision was correct. Life can be a bit more complicated, but you're absolutely right that the trick is knowing when to rip!


Thanks for this. Slogging along with a project that is joyless is just wrong...and I've done it far too often!


It looks good to me but that's not really the point at all. So once you rip what will you start??



Cheryl S.



Oooh, all of a sudden I hear Kenny Rogers... You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Knit 'em or rip 'em. Hehehe.

Sing it, sister!


I couldn't agree more! (but you know I so very VERY curious to know the details of that sweater. because...just like in life...I want to help fix it!)


Wow, great post. This is really awesome!


Amen, sister.

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