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It's a Repeat!

My knitting time has been severely limited of late.  Although I still try to knit - at least a little bit - each day, my production has definitely slowed this year.  I'm okay with that.  Because, really, for me . . .it's all about the process and the feeling-of-calm I get when I knit.

But still.  I'd like to actually finish a project or two!!!

It feels like a long time ago that I started knitting my version of Romi's Cactus Flower shawl.


It was sort of a group project . . . a virtual "knit-along" shared with friends. . . 

It's a great knit.  Very satisfying.  It's full of challenge and enough "change" to make it Never Dull.  But, at the end, here . . . it is becoming quite a slog!


I'm in the home stretch now:  ready to begin repeat #11 (of 18) lace panel repeats. 

And, thanks to these great shawls, I am inspired to keep on . . . repeating!  (I can see now that it will be worth it in the end.)