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Right Now . . . November 2014

Giving Thanks, Take 4


I'm having a few technical difficulties with my blog today.  I think this is the fourth time I've written today's post -- and if it weren't NaBloPoMo, I might just give up.  But here I am . . . back at it for the fourth try!  (I guess I could say . . . I'm thankful for perserverance today. . .)


With that mindset, my revised list today looks like this:  I'm thankful for. . . 

  1. A heart that can feel things deeply.
  2. An open mind.
  3. Having both of my kids at home right now, where I can give them hugs whenever I want.
  4. (And that they let me!)
  5. Tom.  (I'm so lucky to have found my soulmate, all those years ago.)
  6. (He lets me give him hugs whenever I want, too.)
  7. My dogs.  (Because wagging and wet noses go a long way to making any day better.)
  8. A warm and comfortable home.
  9. Plenty.  (Of everything.)
  10. Optimism and a sense of humor.

How about YOU?  What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?


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What a beautiful list. And #9. We are so lucky.


That's a wonderful list! I love all the hugging!!


You have a very generous heart and it comes back to you 10 fold.


This list is so completely and utterly YOU and that makes it perfect!


what a lovely list! thank you for sticking with it... four tries is a lot with all the much-better things you have to do! so glad your kids are both home - extra hugs for sure! Happy Thanksgiving, Kym!


I'm thankful for your perseverance and think it's wonderful that both of your kids are home!


Glad you stuck with it so we got to see your list.
I'm thankful for good health and that all the kids will be here for Christmas. :)


I am thankful that you are sharing No. 10 with me.

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