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Thriller . . . A Top Ten List


Because . . . you knew I would . . . 


This week . . . as we inch ever closer to Halloween . . . Carole asks us about our favorite thriller/suspense books.  Which puts me at a distinct disadvantage.  Because thriller/suspense . . . is not really My Genre.  

At all.

But I've read a few.  Mostly . . . (in fact, ALL of them) . . . are by Stephen King: master of horror and suspense!

  1. The Stand (One of my all-time favorite stories - and worth every one of its 1152 pages!  When I read this back in college, I actually tore the paperback book into two parts to make the reading easier.)
  2. The Shining  (The movie never lived up to the novel.)
  3. Salem's Lot (I read this one in high school -- and had to make a crucifix bookmark just to get through it!)
  4. Carrie  (My first Stephen King - back in 9th grade!!!)
  5. Misery  (This one haunted me more than you'd think.)
  6. Pet Sematary  (So. Creepy.)
  7. Cujo  (Yeah.  This one, too.)
  8. The Green Mile  (So much more than just a thriller/suspense novel.)
  9. 11.22.63  (Captivating.)
  10. Dr. Sleep  (If you liked The Shining, you'll probably enjoy this recent sequel.  It's kind of fun to find out what happened to Danny. . .)

Yes.  For some reason, even though I don't read thriller/suspense novels, I looooove Stephen King novels.  (. . .one of my guilty pleasures. . . )

How about YOU?  What are your favorite thriller/suspense books?


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I don't read them either but I've read 1-7 and have #9 in the queue! Salem's Lot was so scary and my intro to SK!


And here I thought Rebecca was scary! Just the name "Steven King" turns me yellow.


I've not read a single Stephen King... pretty much blending in with Margene!!


I slept with a crucifix while I read Salem's Lot and for a bit after I finished too. This wouldn't seem so strange but for the fact that I only read it last year. I think Misery freaks you out because you can picture yourself doing that to your favorite author if they decided to quit!


I read Stephan King too. Last ones I read were Joyland and The Dome.


I have no idea...haven't read any of these, and except for 11/23/63, likely never will! ;-)

Jo and Carole are two of my,favorite bloggers, so maybe I needmto try a Stephen King.


I will read spy thrillers, but not horror thrillers. Except I have read a bit of Stephen King because he can write.

I'm reading a spy thriller called I am Pilgrim right now. It's due at the library today and cannot be renewed because of other requests. I am being a semi-bad citizen and planning to finish it and pay the fines.

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