Postcards from Italy: Stumbling onto Surprise

Right Now . . . October 2014

October . . . you're almost over.  Not sure how it happened, but one minute . . . we had green leaves and light that lasted.  Now?  Well. . . not so much!


Here's what's happening for me. . . Right Now! 

Watching . . . Not much, really.  A bit of the World Series (an inning or two here and there) and some House of Cards.  But that's pretty much it for me.

Reading . . . I'm reading the Face of a Stranger by Anne Perry right now (very good!), and slogging away on Eighty Days (good. . . but slow).

Knitting . . . Still working on this shawl.  I've completed the first (of 18) lace repeats for the border, but really need to take a break . . . to knit this baby sweater (for a new baby in Tom's family).  (If I don't get to hustling, this baby will be in kindergarten before I finish.)  I'm nearly finished with this (it was my travel knitting last month), but have had to lay it aside for a time (becasue baby sweater).  And now I'm dying to start this.  Because this. . .

Kim's Lucent . . . in colors especially picked for me!

Listening to . . . The new U2 album - Songs of Innocence - that just showed up in my iTunes one day.  And, yeah, it's been controversial, but still.  I like it!


Dreading . . . Something distasteful that I need to take care of later this week.  Not looking forward to doing it.  But know it will make things easier, going forward.

Planning . . .  Trying to get ahead of things (or, at least, on top of things) regarding the holidays.

Humming . . . Surrey with the Fringe on the Top.  (Oh, yeah.  I know.)  (Pops concert last weekend. . . )


Wondering . . . What everyone on my Christmas list might like . . . (Because it really is time to Get On With It.)

Drinking . . . Wine.  (But what else is new here?)


Itching to . . . Get back to my dance class!  (But not until after the holidays. . .)

Needing to . . . Bring in the remaining garden stuff and container plants . . . before the snow flies. . . (which might be tomorrow!).


Flaunting . . . My New Precious!  My contract finally expired and I was able to nab an iPhone 6 (not the giant version).  (There is So Much More to my Story of the Phone.  But I will spare you.)

Organizing . . .  I just finished a major desk overhaul and a closet-clean-out to end all closet-clean-outs.  Now, I need to tackle the guest room! 


Delighted by . . . A new bag!  I joined many of the the Salt Lake City/Alta Retreat knitters in ordering this Great Bag from Sherpani.  Really -- it may be the Most Perfect Knitting Bag . . . ever!

Inspired by . . .  The power of words.  Still.


Celebrating . . . Brian's GREAT new job!  (And a cool new car.)  Congratulations, Bud!  (SO proud!!) 

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?