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Right Now . . . October 2014

October . . . you're almost over.  Not sure how it happened, but one minute . . . we had green leaves and light that lasted.  Now?  Well. . . not so much!


Here's what's happening for me. . . Right Now! 

Watching . . . Not much, really.  A bit of the World Series (an inning or two here and there) and some House of Cards.  But that's pretty much it for me.

Reading . . . I'm reading the Face of a Stranger by Anne Perry right now (very good!), and slogging away on Eighty Days (good. . . but slow).

Knitting . . . Still working on this shawl.  I've completed the first (of 18) lace repeats for the border, but really need to take a break . . . to knit this baby sweater (for a new baby in Tom's family).  (If I don't get to hustling, this baby will be in kindergarten before I finish.)  I'm nearly finished with this (it was my travel knitting last month), but have had to lay it aside for a time (becasue baby sweater).  And now I'm dying to start this.  Because this. . .

Kim's Lucent . . . in colors especially picked for me!

Listening to . . . The new U2 album - Songs of Innocence - that just showed up in my iTunes one day.  And, yeah, it's been controversial, but still.  I like it!


Dreading . . . Something distasteful that I need to take care of later this week.  Not looking forward to doing it.  But know it will make things easier, going forward.

Planning . . .  Trying to get ahead of things (or, at least, on top of things) regarding the holidays.

Humming . . . Surrey with the Fringe on the Top.  (Oh, yeah.  I know.)  (Pops concert last weekend. . . )


Wondering . . . What everyone on my Christmas list might like . . . (Because it really is time to Get On With It.)

Drinking . . . Wine.  (But what else is new here?)


Itching to . . . Get back to my dance class!  (But not until after the holidays. . .)

Needing to . . . Bring in the remaining garden stuff and container plants . . . before the snow flies. . . (which might be tomorrow!).


Flaunting . . . My New Precious!  My contract finally expired and I was able to nab an iPhone 6 (not the giant version).  (There is So Much More to my Story of the Phone.  But I will spare you.)

Organizing . . .  I just finished a major desk overhaul and a closet-clean-out to end all closet-clean-outs.  Now, I need to tackle the guest room! 


Delighted by . . . A new bag!  I joined many of the the Salt Lake City/Alta Retreat knitters in ordering this Great Bag from Sherpani.  Really -- it may be the Most Perfect Knitting Bag . . . ever!

Inspired by . . .  The power of words.  Still.


Celebrating . . . Brian's GREAT new job!  (And a cool new car.)  Congratulations, Bud!  (SO proud!!) 

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?


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Oh the cleaning of the freeing! House of good! Right now...trying to choose wall and trim colors. Taking bold steps!


Lots of really great stuff here! I hope the dreading is soon dealt with, along with the baby sweater so you can get to that incredibly lovely Lucent. Congratulations to Brian!


Yay to a fabulous new phone! And look at the colors of the new shawl, they are SO YOU! U2s new one is good and I'm really glad it was free! I (still) love my Sherpani! AND, all the best to Brian as he forges a new (and great) life!


As for the got it grrl!!


Now see, if you're going to blog every day in November you need to pace yourself. There are lots of things here that could be turned into their own posts. Like the job for Brian (is it in Boston so he and Hannah can finally meet?) and the iPhone story. And several more. Pace yourself. I'm tellin' ya.


You are busy as always! Very interesting knitting patterns. I just finished a pullover sweater but don't know if I like the neckline...I might be redoing it tomorrow...

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