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Right Now . . . October 2014

Postcards from Italy: Stumbling onto Surprise

Dear friends:

In Florence, every time you turn around . . . you run into art that makes you gasp!  A Michelangelo here.  A Donatello there.  Botticelli to your right.  The Duomo to your left.

And you expect that.  (That's probably why you're there, in fact.)

But I never quite expected this!


Modern, public art!

This installation - Personal/Unpersonal by architect Simone D'Auria - is currently on display at the Longarno Hotel in Florence.

(Embiggen to read more about the installation. The second paragraph is in English.)

It was fun to stumble onto something incredibly modern and unexpected . . . in a city already full of incredible art!


It sort of took my breath away . . .


in a city full of gasp-worthy sights.

(Tomorrow . . . Venice. . . )