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Like a House on Fire!


This week, Carole asks a thought-provoking question:  What Would You Save if Your House was on Fire???  (Assuming, of course, that your family members and pets were safe.)

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Well, we had fun discussing this one around the dinner table -- and here's what we came up with!

Tom would . . . 

    1.  Grab his car keys and wallet

    2.  Photo albums

    3.  And his electronics (laptop, iDevices, and work briefcase)

Brian would . . . 

    4.  Grab his car keys and wallet

    5.  His stereo equipment (including Poppy's receiver!)

    6.  And his vinyl collection

Me?  I would . . . 

    7.  Grab my "vital documents" file (because . . . vital documents)

    8.  As many old photo albums and scrapbooks as possible

    9.  My computer and iDevices (because . . . ain't leaving my new iPhone 6 behind)

   10. And . . . the special things . . . like Brian's "Mr. Bun" and Erin's state champion trophy (and these         things?  These are the things I would grab first!)

How about you?  What would you save if your house was on fire?


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