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It's All About Possibility

Before I had a blog of my own, I used to hang out at other blogs.

But . . .  no one ever knew.  I never said anything.  I never typed a comment.  I never added my voice to the dialogue.  I was a lurker.  Plain and simple.

I didn't really understand . . . then . . . how easy it is to connect with kindred spirits. What a difference a comment can make . . . in sparking conversation; understanding; friendship.

But I do now!



After my bout with cancer, I felt a need to . . . become REAL . . . to break out of my shy and rather quiet existence and . . . connect.  I started to comment on the blogs I read.  I joined conversations.  I added my voice.  I started a blog of my own.

It was all about possibility.

And now?  Now I have developed some really wonderful relationships with people I've (kind of!) known for years!

I spent several days last week visiting Margene in Utah.


It was wonderful to see Margene's sky,


and experience Margene's mountains!  


I loved spending time in Margene and Smith's garden.  


We got to knit together at the Alta Retreat (even though the weather kept us inside!), do a lot of sight-seeing, and find plenty to eat and drink!  I even got to spend some time with Cheryl and Susan.

Reaching out.  Connecting.  It's all about possibility!