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It's All About Possibility

Before I had a blog of my own, I used to hang out at other blogs.

But . . .  no one ever knew.  I never said anything.  I never typed a comment.  I never added my voice to the dialogue.  I was a lurker.  Plain and simple.

I didn't really understand . . . then . . . how easy it is to connect with kindred spirits. What a difference a comment can make . . . in sparking conversation; understanding; friendship.

But I do now!



After my bout with cancer, I felt a need to . . . become REAL . . . to break out of my shy and rather quiet existence and . . . connect.  I started to comment on the blogs I read.  I joined conversations.  I added my voice.  I started a blog of my own.

It was all about possibility.

And now?  Now I have developed some really wonderful relationships with people I've (kind of!) known for years!

I spent several days last week visiting Margene in Utah.


It was wonderful to see Margene's sky,


and experience Margene's mountains!  


I loved spending time in Margene and Smith's garden.  


We got to knit together at the Alta Retreat (even though the weather kept us inside!), do a lot of sight-seeing, and find plenty to eat and drink!  I even got to spend some time with Cheryl and Susan.

Reaching out.  Connecting.  It's all about possibility!




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So well said, Kym! Life is full of amazing possibility. It was wonderful to have you visit, to show you our sights, and to spend more time with you. xox


I'm so glad you added your voice to the mix, it's a privilege to know you. Sounds like you had a great time in Utah with Margene!

Cheryl S.

Glad you decided to reach out!


Stepping outside of our comfort zone can prove to be a wonderful thing. Just think of all the friends we've met through our computers! Glad you spoke up and started your blog. :D


Love this!


What a wonderful post. I'm so glad that you decided to explore the possibility.


wise words, my friend. possibility and courage. our online world seems so close, it's hard to believe we live miles and miles apart!


Oh, how wonderful. And I am SO looking forward to connecting soon!!


It was so great to meet you!


This post really moved me. i think my own cancer diagnosis has made me much more open to people and a lot more inclined to take,some risks.

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