Postcards from Italy: Firenze, Part 1
Finding the Bright Spots

Friday Fun Meets Postcards From Italy: A Blog Mash-up

Yesterday I wrote you a "postcard" from Florence, describing our first (overwhelming) moments in a beautiful, crowded city.  If you recall, we had a long (and interesting) walk from the train station to our hotel.  And then we visited a huge (and hilly) garden.

When we left the garden, we headed straight for one of the little street bars . . . not for wine (this time) . . . but for water!


While we were sitting at our little table on the busy street, watching people go by and admiring the church across the street, my sister suddenly said . . . 

Look at that sign!!! 


What sign?

THAT one!


We were intrigued.

And stymied!

What could it mean?

Was it the Italian symbol for . . .

Flash flooding?

Water main breakage?

Baptisms here?

Help me! I'm drowning in a Sea of Despair?

We just could not imagine!  

(But we had an awfully fun time speculating.)

We continued to ponder the meaning of the sign until the next morning . . . when, on a walking tour of Florence, we ran into another unusual Florentine street sign.


It turn out, there is a French artist who applies creative stickers to standard street signs around Florence, making them unique and . . . interesting!  (Read more about him here, and take a look at some of his creations while you're at it.)

Once you start noticing, the modified street signs are everywhere in Florence!


Such fun!


(But, in my view, it will be hard to top "Drowning in a Sea of Despair" for best street sign!)




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They're all fun and creative. Who knew you'd be wandering around Florence looking for street signs! I'm rather fond of the 'sardines', or are they anchovies? :)


How fun! If the artist did that here, he'd probably be arrested! Happy weekend!


Creative! I like the people in the can too. :)


That's hilarious!! What fun.


Best thing I bet I'll see all day! (Except the clock at 4:00!) Happy Friday!


Love this! I don't seeing drowning in the top one. I see something like water polo....what that says about me, I've got no idea. ;-)


Good for both of you for noticing those fun signs. Thanks for sharing them with us, too!

Cheryl S.

How funny!


too funny...and we never noticed. nope, not once. I have no idea what that says about where we looking ... but I'm so glad you shared this!

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