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Like a House on Fire!

Finding the Bright Spots

I kind of lost control of my life back in August.

Between work deadlines and getting everything put in order before my trips . . . then the vacations themselves . . . and then trying to catch up with everything when I returned . . .

Well.  It's just really done me in.


And when life gets really busy . . . something's gotta give.  

And, for me, this time . . . it was my garden that gave!

There was weeding that didn't get done.  And transplants that didn't happen.  There were new plants that died in their containers before I could get them in the ground.  You know.  That kind of thing.

Over the weekend, I took a deep breath and got out there to begin to Deal With It; to get things back to (somewhat) of an order before winter begins.  I must admit - I was dreading it!  So many chores; so much to catch up with.

Once I got out there, though, I found some bright spots.  Sure, it was the weedy, overgrown mess I knew it would be.  But being Out There - and just taking some steps forward - made me relax a bit.  (Although there's still a ton of work to be done. . .)

And you know what?  Despite my neglect, I found some shining stars in my fall garden.

My grasses look pretty fabulous with their plumes.


And the butterfly weed is re-seeding all over the garden.  (I am actually happy about this; I imagine some of my neighbors are not.)


I didn't prune the clematis on my front porch when I should have, so it didn't re-bloom this year.  But that's okay -- because I got these cool seedheads instead!


And my hydrangeas, though tired, are still hanging in there and looking rather interesting (in that faded, antique kind of way).


And some of the rather plain plants -- the ones that just serve as background foliage for most of the blooming season -- really shine during the fall.  (Whether I give them any attention or not!)

My fothergilla, for example.  (In truth, planted explicitly for the show their fall leaves.)


And my hawthorn tree.  (Which earns its keep every fall.)


And there are a few surprises, too.  Like . . . if I had cut back my porcelain vine last August (as usual), I would never have known it would do this in the fall!


So, even though I feel bad about the neglected state of my garden this year, it's nice to find some bright spots out among the weeds.

(But.  I'm going to have my work cut out for me come Spring!)