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Fall ... Now in Full Splendor!

What a beautiful, gorgeous fall weekend we had here in my neck of the woods!


Lots of sunshine; lots of blue sky.

IMG_4085 2

My garden turned golden!


Plenty of time - and sunshine - for garden chores and running and walking the dogs!


Fall.  In all its splendor!


And a beautiful sunset, to boot!


Hope your weekend was just as spectacular!



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We had rain all week but Saturday and Sunday were sunshine. Sunday's sunshine didn't warm things up much, though, and we had our first fire in the woodstove while watching the Pats trounce the Bears.


We also had a warm and deliciously beautiful weekend. Our October has been exceptional, but too dry, making up for the wet September. We're loving it while we can!




Beautiful! We had a wonderful weekend too.
When you mentioned the dogs I remembered that they used to have a racetrack around the house. :)


As a twelve-year old I got to see Michigan in autumn while on a family road trip. It has always stayed with me and I often wonder if New England could ever live up to the richness of color that I still remember from that trip.

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