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This week, Carole asks us to share Ten Things We Feel Good About Right Now . . . or . . . 


With that . . . Hello, lamp post!  What'cha knowin'?

  1. Over the weekend, Tom and I worked hard to "winterize" the garden and bring in all the patio furniture, etc.  We're now about . . . oh, 90% ready for winter.  (And that feels really groovy!)
  2. When I wasn't outside this weekend, I was diligently working on organizing my "home-desk" and getting caught up on filing and cleaning-out and taking care of those little, niggly details of life.  (Totally groovy!)
  3. Although not quite to Project 333 standards, I have made major (HUGE) progress in paring down and minimizing my wardrobe and organizing my closet.  (This is makes me feel more groovy than I ever imagined.)
  4. I have made my tough decision.  (Very, very groovy.)  (But now comes the hard part.)
  5. I wasn't happy with a color choice I made on a baby sweater I'm knitting.  Usually, I would knit on for rows and rows, thinking things might look better further out (but, in the end, I would rip it).  This time . . . I ripped right away and saved myself hours of pointless knitting.  (Groovy, definitely!)
  6. Two months ago, I started back to my Wednesday night yoga class (after a too long, year-and-a-half-long break).  (So much groovy!)
  7. David Sedaris was in town last night, and I really wanted to go see him.  Tom had plans and couldn't get away, so Brian went with me.  We had a great time!  (Groovy mom-and-son date.)
  8. I have worn out the pair of running shoes I bought at the end of May.  Which means . . . I've kept up with the running!  (Surprisingly groovy.)
  9. I snagged two tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in January.  (So much groovy I can almost not stand it!)
  10.  I have bought -- but not OPENED - two giant bags of Halloween candy.  (How's that for groovy???)

How about YOU?  What are you "feelin' groovy" about right now?


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