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Adventure Hangover: A Riff


  • We had a Most Excellent Viewing Situation for the lunar eclipse yesterday morning.
  • (I snapped this photo from my driveway.  Before my shower - but after my first cup of coffee.)
  • (There were several others.  Each more awful than the last.)
  • (So I'm really happy to get this one.)
  • (Because the red moon was pretty awesome.)
  • You know, when you have a blog, the "content" seems to wax and wane.
  • (Sometimes you have a bunch to say.)
  • (Sometimes you have nothing to say.)
  • (It usually goes in streaks.)
  • Right now, I have So Very Much to Say.
  • (But no time to say it.)
  • (Because.  Way too much Adventure lately.)
  • I still owe you all several Postcards from Italy.
  • (I haven't told you about Florence yet.)
  • (Or Venice.)
  • (And, my god.  I haven't told you about the wacky elevator.)
  • (Or the streets signs.)
  • (Or the bidets.)
  • (Or. . . lest I forget. . . the Inventive Beggar Outside the Train Station.  The one actually strapping on his fake double-amputee legs.  Over his working-perfectly-fine legs.  While we walked past.)
  • (Really.)
  • (I'm not kidding.)
  • And then there's my trip to Utah.
  • (So much fun.)
  • (Such a beautiful place.)
  • (Did you know they have Whisky Wednesdays in SLC?)
  • (Really.  Whisky Wednesdays!)
  • And now . . .  I'm going to meet Vicki this weekend!
  • (Very exciting!)
  • (And, again, so much Adventure!)
  • (Can't wait!)
  • And I have Other Things to Say, besides.
  • (Just ideas.  Percolating in my brain.)
  • (Haven't really had a chance to sort them all out yet.)
  • (But closets, and journals, and poetry, and possibility.)
  • (For starters.)
  • Also news.
  • (Like . . . Brian just got an exciting - and REAL - full time job.)
  • (And he's moved back home for awhile until he settles.)
  • Or that we had 3 tall Austrian Pines removed from our backyard.
  • (But I didn't notice.)
  • (For 2 days.)
  • (The trees were dead.)  
  • (Remember last summer when I thought we had a pine borer problem?  That wasn't it.)
  • (Thankfully.)
  • (It was diplodia tip blight.  And it can be treated.)
  • (Except for 3 trees that were just too far gone.)
  • But this will all Just Have To Wait.
  • Because I'm still trying to catch up with myself.
  • Too much Adventure.
  • (If such a thing is possible.)
  • (And I doubt that.)
  • Work is busy.
  • Life is full.
  • Winter is coming.
  • I have an Adventure Hangover.
  • (And it's all good!)


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Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooo...great troubles to have! And I can't wait to hear all about Brian's job!


You've certainly been hither and yon and trying to live life in between. I don't know how you do it...so much energy. The moon was a-mazing and so red. Very, very cool to see a phenomena such as this. Go Brian! Looking forward to hearing about his next adventure.
So excited for you to meet Vicki! You two are going to hit it off.


Ha. I still haven't finished posting about Scotland... and that was in May!!

Congrats Brian!! That's awesome.

Can't wait to hang out with you!


We had cloud cover so no pretty moon for us. And, what???? Now you're going to see Vicki? You are killing me.


what a delightful read! your life is indeed full...and good - thank you for brightening my day!


I will wait patiently for all the posts to come...sounds interesting to say the least!
Great picture!! I was up but forgot to look. o.0

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