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Right Now . . . August 2014

Storm Before the Calm: A Riff


Six months ago, it sounded like such a perfect idea.

(The winter of our discontent.)

(Desperate for escape from the Polar Vortex of Eternal Doom.)

Let's go to sunny Italy, we said.

(Rome.) (Tuscany.) (Florence.) (Venice.)

(The words "cooking class in Tuscany" got me through many a sub-zero day.)

And, really, it is a perfect idea.

The vacation will be incredible.

(I can't wait.)

The getting ready, though?

(Killing. Me.)

I always knew it would be a tough time to get away.

(Just before the concert season begins.)

(Nine major grant applications and/or grant reports due on or near September 1.)

But I didn't anticipate other complications.

(A new ticketing system apparently installed and managed by idiots.)

(A team member who struggles with planning and managing her own deadlines.)

Let's just say Perfect Storm.

I'm down to the last two work days now.

(My list is growing shorter.  I AM getting things done.)

But, man!  It is going to feel So Good to turn off my phone and unplug my laptop.

(And just get on the plane!)


Tom got me the oh-so-perfect magnet, pictured above.  (And some wine, too.)


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The crunch time before vacation is always nerve wracking and stressful. You are smart and organized and talented, though, and you will get this done. And the vacation will be all the sweeter for it!


Breathe my friend, you can do this! You're going to have a fabulous trip!


Wishing you a peaceful, calm end to the Perfect Storm (with no drownings!) and a wonderful vacation!


This too will pass (pre vacation stress)--have a wonderful trip!


You will have a wonderful time in Italy! Enjoy!


Tom knows how to help calm the waters. If anyone can GET IT DONE, it is Kym. You are going to enjoy your vacation all the more because you successfully finished the job. Sending calming thoughts as you count down the hours. xox


So excited for you!! I know you'll have a wonderful time... can't wait to see what you cook up!


You can do this! Kym is kicking ass and taking names, before getting her Italian cooking zen on.


Hang in there...look towards the goal! And breathe a sigh of relief when you hit the airport. :)


Love the magnet and so intrigued by your trip itinerary! Have a sip or two for me. Enjoy!


Yikes it's CLOSE. there is never a perfect time to take vacation... and I hope you get completely relaxed on the plane (remember, free booze on international flights :-)


I think my job here in Australia must be very similar to yours! Have a great break - I'm very jealous :)


Have a wonderful time! Loved our Italian adventure

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