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Keeping It On the Level

You may remember that last year . . . about now . . . Tom was busy putting in a little patio in a previously unused and unloved corner of our backyard.

It turned out really nicely. 


(We call it "Tom's Garden.")

But.  It isn't quite finished.

Because that patio. . . was built into a hill.  It needs a retaining wall.


So Tom is back to digging.

And hauling.

And leveling.


There's a lot of pounding involved on that first layer of bricks.


(It's going to look fantastic!)

Tom gets a lot of help from the dogs . . . 


And the occasional beer from me.


It helps keep everything . . . on the level!



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Dogs are very helpful. Our little Liesl (16 lb. dachshund) goes out when hubby works in the yard. He digs...she digs. He pulls weeds...she pulls weeds. It's a hoot to watch. Tom's garden is beautiful!


And by "help from the dogs" you mean "well-intentioned dogs standing in the way, wagging tails?"


Haha. We have "helpful" cats. ;)


That will be beautiful, and it looks like he is having some fun doing it.


Encouragement is the best thing the whole family can do and your family is the best at giving laughter and support. Go Tom, go Jenny, go, Jojo, GO KYM (keep the beer flowing!).


Jenny looks like she is thinking...When are you gonna throw a ball for me? Hunh? And Jo-Jo is maybe wondering if she should be digging too. :D
It's looking good...how could it be anything but....with all that "help"!


I'm happy to see that there is enough supervision on-site to make sure that everything will be level and perfect.


I think it's great that he enjoys working in the garden...having his own space...as much as you do. (and that he smiles for blog photos!)

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