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August 2014

Right Now . . . August 2014

August has just . . . gone by in a blur!  My worklife has just been a bit . . . out of control.  (That's partly because Regular Seasonal Busy-ness, but add to that New Boss With Big Ideas AND Vacation Prep . . . and you've got Crazy Town!)

So.  I'm happy to be done-with-that for a couple of weeks, and really ready to begin my next travel adventure tomorrow!


Here's what's happening for me. . . Right Now! 

Watching . . . Not much.  In fact, nothing but A History of European Art.  Still working through this selection from Great Courses.  I'm only about half-way through, but I feel much more prepared to appreciate the art I'll be seeing over the next couple of weeks!

Reading . . . I know my life is totally out of control when I don't even have time to READ.  (Yeah, it's been That Bad.)  I read Landline by Rainbow Rowell, which I would qualify as a "beach read."  I re-read Shipping News (one of my all-time favorites).  I started reading And The Dark Sacred Night by Julia Glass, but I'm going to give that one a break and plunge into the latest Louise Penny (which just came out this week.)

Knitting . . . Early in August, I got started on this shawl.  I made good progress and successfully navigated my first "nupps." (!)  But it's on holiday now, while I'm on holiday.  (NOT good travel knitting for me.)  I started this instead, which is already looking fabulous and should get me through some lengthy airplane time!

Listening to . . . Chrissie Hynde has a new solo album!  It's awesome. . .


Dreading . . . Having to deal with my neglected garden.  Which will be Even More Neglected by the time I get to dealing with it . . . in mid-September!

Planning . . .  My trip!

Humming . . . This one. (I completely blame Guardians of the Galaxy!)


Wondering . . . How long it will take me to adjust to being on vacation.  (Oh.  Never mind.  It took 30 seconds!)

Drinking . . . San Pellegrino.  I swear, I'm addicted. . .

Itching to . . . Just dump out the contents of my home-desk and pitch it all!


Needing to . . . Pack.

Organizing . . .  The washed up detritus of my life . . . after focusing all of my efforts of my work for the past couple of weeks.   


Delighted by . . . My orchid.  It surprised me by blooming again.  (I think it likes where it lives.  Or something.  Because I didn't do ANYthing to encourage the re-blooming.)

Inspired by . . .  Beverly's experience with the 333 Project.  (I'm still thinking about this in a serious way. ..)


Celebrating . . . JoJo's one-year "anniversary" of joining our pack!

Pleased with . . . Something I need to keep to myself for now.  (Maybe next month it will be celebration!)

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?

Storm Before the Calm: A Riff


Six months ago, it sounded like such a perfect idea.

(The winter of our discontent.)

(Desperate for escape from the Polar Vortex of Eternal Doom.)

Let's go to sunny Italy, we said.

(Rome.) (Tuscany.) (Florence.) (Venice.)

(The words "cooking class in Tuscany" got me through many a sub-zero day.)

And, really, it is a perfect idea.

The vacation will be incredible.

(I can't wait.)

The getting ready, though?

(Killing. Me.)

I always knew it would be a tough time to get away.

(Just before the concert season begins.)

(Nine major grant applications and/or grant reports due on or near September 1.)

But I didn't anticipate other complications.

(A new ticketing system apparently installed and managed by idiots.)

(A team member who struggles with planning and managing her own deadlines.)

Let's just say Perfect Storm.

I'm down to the last two work days now.

(My list is growing shorter.  I AM getting things done.)

But, man!  It is going to feel So Good to turn off my phone and unplug my laptop.

(And just get on the plane!)


Tom got me the oh-so-perfect magnet, pictured above.  (And some wine, too.)

Still Crazy

Hit it, Paul.


Today . . . Tom and I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary!


That's a whole lot of years together.

(My goodness, we were young!)

When I look at that picture of us leaving the church after our wedding ceremony, I just laugh.  Because, really, we had no idea . . . what life would hold for us!  No idea at all. . .

At some level, though, we knew we could make a life together.  We've enjoyed decades of fun and adventure together.  

And, now, here we are!

Still crazy . . .


after all these years!

Sad Truth

I really hate to say this . . .


but I can tell that summer is on its way out.

The nights are cool.

We have fog in the morning.

The daylight is waning.

My garden is tired.

I'm trying to get myself mentally prepared for the reality . . . that summer is winding down.  But this is a hard one for me.  I'm going to grab hold of whatever is left of summer . . . and not let go!


Keeping It On the Level

You may remember that last year . . . about now . . . Tom was busy putting in a little patio in a previously unused and unloved corner of our backyard.

It turned out really nicely. 


(We call it "Tom's Garden.")

But.  It isn't quite finished.

Because that patio. . . was built into a hill.  It needs a retaining wall.


So Tom is back to digging.

And hauling.

And leveling.


There's a lot of pounding involved on that first layer of bricks.


(It's going to look fantastic!)

Tom gets a lot of help from the dogs . . . 


And the occasional beer from me.


It helps keep everything . . . on the level!


A Story: Knitting at the Lake, or . . .Drop Me in the Water

Let's set the mood with a little Talking Heads . . . 


Once upon a time, there was a Knitter who liked to sit on the dock at the lake and just knit a simple something.  One day, she packed her trusty tote bag with books and magazines, a couple of beverages, her camera, and - of course - a simple knitting project.  Then, she headed off.  To camp out for the afternoon at the end of the dock.


The Knitter was eager to spend the long afternoon knitting on an endless project.  And, if she was diligent about the dock-knitting, the project would likely be finished by the end of the week when she returned home!

But, in the flurry of settling and setting up, the trusty tote bag tipped over onto its side.  For just a fleeting second.

No worries, said the Knitter.


She could see her iPad.  She could see her water bottle.  Her magazines were there.  And her folder of work-reading.


Uh-oh.  Where was the knitting?  

It couldn't have . . . ????  Could it . . . ????

The Knitter peered into the water.  The Knitter looked under the dock.  The Knitter looked under the pontoon.  She looked again.  And again.

No sign of the mesh bag containing yarn and project!

Until several hours later.  When it eventually washed up in the reeds on the shore of the lake!




The Knitter discovered that it takes days and days for soaked skeins of Hempathy to dry in the damp summer air.


Even in the sunshine of the dock . . . or hanging over the railing of the pontoon boat.


But, eventually, everything dried out.

And the project was completed.  The End.

Take me to the river. . . 


Drop me in the water . . . 

Ravelry details here.



A Little Fun . . . on Friday

I don't like wearing shoes.  So, for me, one of the best things about summer is wearing flip-flops!  (Almost barefoot.  But not quite.)  

And flip-flops with a little bit of bling?  The Best Way to wear flip-flops.


(The hardest part is choosing which to wear!)

Hope you enjoy a wonderful summer weekend.