A Little Fun . . . on Friday

Doing What Dogs Will Do

These guys . . . 


Oh, these guys!

Do NOT be fooled by their happy, smiling dog faces.
Waiting there.
Just inside the sliding door.

Looking all innocent.

These guys ... caused me a whole lotta grief and misery on Friday.
When Tom was gone.
And I had to deal with their misdeeds.

I know.
They were just Doing What Dogs Will Do.

Not on my watch.


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That is a really good picture of the dogs! Jojo is so photogenic.


What dogs will do! Ha! They look so sweet & innocent behind the screen door. I have a 4 year old Boston Terrier mix that I got as a puppy from a local rescue group. A couple of weeks ago, she learned how to open the sliding screen door to my patio! I had to buy a baby gate! Our dogs, we love them for all their doggy ways!


You know what they say - God makes 'em cute so they will survive.


Oh dear! What did they do? Was it in doors or out! We need to know more. They look so innocent (and a little TOO happy).


They have perfected their cute and innocent looks, and I hope they're not using them to mask the next misdeeds they may be plotting together!


Yarn bad or food bad or other?

kathy b

ugh oh….. naughtiness ensued.. That's usually what happens when the cats away


They do look cute and innocent but you can also see the wheels spinning inside their heads for what they can do once you open that door for them!! Hope their naughtiness wasn't too hard to correct!


A mystery--was it so bad you can't talk about it? And speaking of guys being gone when you need them--my husband was gone when a squirrel made it into our house. Talk about misdeeds–-little bigger chewed up my Lantern Moon needles before I got him out of the house. The dogsmare saints by comparison!


They always act up when Daddy is away, don't they?

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