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This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is a tough one!  Carole has challenged us to come up with ten things we do only once a year . . . that we wish we did more than once.


I didn't have too much trouble coming up with a list of things I do only once a year.  It was the "wish you could do more often part" that caused me a bit of consternation.  (As in . . . I have a mammogram only once a year.  But . . . I don't wish I could do it more often.  Cross that one OFF the list!)


I also got into "splitting hairs thinking" when I started considering what qualified as once-a-year.  Can I count planting the first perennial of the season?  Maybe.  Maybe not!


I decided to stop over-thinking, and just come up with a list . . . of things I do once a year . . . that I wish I could do more!

  1. Spend a whole-week-(plus) Up North at the cottage.  We generally only go up for a whole week once a year.  (The rest of the time it is just long weekends.)  I love those whole weeks away!
  2. Going to the Grand Haven Garden Conference with my friend Sandie every year in March.  It's always the earliest of the garden conferences in our area -- and we are always WAY past ready!  After a long winter, it's great to start thinking about gardening again.
  3. Taking vacations and trips with my sister.  We get away together about once a year (give or take a few months); usually to rather exotic locations.  I wish we could see each other more often.  But I'll take a meet-up in London, Paris, Amsterdam, or Rome once a year!
  4. Art in the Park.  My Mom and I have gone to Art in the Park every year for about 25 years.  (We remember pushing tiny Erin in a stroller through Art in the Park.)  (Heck, we remember Art in the Park before any kids at all!)  It's always fun to spend a summer afternoon together, searching out "finds" among the arts and crafts booths.
  5. The Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  Again, with Sandie.  This event heralds spring every year -- and brings so much inspiration just when I need it most!
  6. Taking out the Christmas decorations.  You'll notice that "Christmas" does not appear on my list.  (Like it would have when I was a child.)  Even though I like it, "Christmas" is not one of those things that I wish would happen more than once a year!  Decorating, though?  That's my favorite part!  I love getting the decorations and ornaments out of the boxes and storage containers and setting them up in the house.  
  7. Big annual shopping trip with my Mom or Erin.  When I was younger, my Mom would take my sister and I shopping once a year in Denver.  We called it "The Big Spend."  I do it still -- sometimes with my Mom.  Sometimes with Erin.  (But now, it's in Chicago or Grand Rapids.)  I don't necessary want to do it more often -- but I do like the fun and camaraderie of the shopping trips.  That's the part I'd like to do more often!
  8. Michigan Fiber Festival.  I love going through the barns and seeing all the animals -- not to mention the yarn!
  9. Annual "pilgrimage" to WW Greenhouse in Hudsonville, Michigan.  Each year, Sandie and I start our gardening purchases with a trip to an especially large and especially well-stocked nursery.  It's a great way to start the growing season!
  10. Family Croquet.  Each Father's Day, my family enjoys a croquet tournament.  It's a great time for all of us -- but we only play once a year!  

How about YOU?  What do you do only once a year . . . that you'd like to do more often?


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Note:  There will be no (official) Ten on Tuesday lists for the next two weeks.  (Carole's going on vacation!)


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What a great list! I honestly couldn't come up with one single thing that fit the topic; I don't know if that makes me boring or a hedonist at heart. Another whole week at the cabin in the fall sounds like it might be wonderful if you could fit it in.


I didn't realize you only played crochet once a year and that you only made it to the cottage up north once a year for a week. You have so many wonderful things going on during the year if you did them more than once you wouldn't have a minute to breath! (But, that wouldn't matter, right?).


I had the same issue with my list, the wishing I could do it more often. Then there is the dentist, which I wish I could do more often but which is twice a year. On the plus side, there are a lot of things relating to health and hygiene that I'm glad I do more than once a year, lol!


I thought about putting Thanksgiving on my list but then I thought - really? All those pies more than once a year? Nah. Good job on the list.


Love your list.


Your list was great--cery skewed to gardening. What about books and knitting?


your trips to the Chicago garden show and the vacations with your sister are certainly favorites of mine that I wish showed up more than once a year!

kathy b

great list. I'll have to go read some others.
Once a year: fish on our friend's pontoon boat

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