A Little Fun . . . on Friday
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A Story: Knitting at the Lake, or . . .Drop Me in the Water

Let's set the mood with a little Talking Heads . . . 


Once upon a time, there was a Knitter who liked to sit on the dock at the lake and just knit a simple something.  One day, she packed her trusty tote bag with books and magazines, a couple of beverages, her camera, and - of course - a simple knitting project.  Then, she headed off.  To camp out for the afternoon at the end of the dock.


The Knitter was eager to spend the long afternoon knitting on an endless project.  And, if she was diligent about the dock-knitting, the project would likely be finished by the end of the week when she returned home!

But, in the flurry of settling and setting up, the trusty tote bag tipped over onto its side.  For just a fleeting second.

No worries, said the Knitter.


She could see her iPad.  She could see her water bottle.  Her magazines were there.  And her folder of work-reading.


Uh-oh.  Where was the knitting?  

It couldn't have . . . ????  Could it . . . ????

The Knitter peered into the water.  The Knitter looked under the dock.  The Knitter looked under the pontoon.  She looked again.  And again.

No sign of the mesh bag containing yarn and project!

Until several hours later.  When it eventually washed up in the reeds on the shore of the lake!




The Knitter discovered that it takes days and days for soaked skeins of Hempathy to dry in the damp summer air.


Even in the sunshine of the dock . . . or hanging over the railing of the pontoon boat.


But, eventually, everything dried out.

And the project was completed.  The End.

Take me to the river. . . 


Drop me in the water . . . 

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