Right Now . . . July 2014
The Winding Down

A Little Fun . . . on Friday

Some weekends . . . are full of chores.

Some weekends . . . are for kicking back.

Some weekends . . . are even for working.

But some . . . 

Kicking things off with the Bells/Food Dance Beer Dinner! (Great food; great beer*; lots of swag!)

are full of FUN!

I'm launching into a weekend full of fun things -- and I hope you are, too!


* Got to try some Bells Sparkleberry last night.  (Now there's a FUN beer for you. . .)



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Beer, swag, dinner, dancing--sounds like a whole weekend tucked into one evening!


Happy Weekend! :)


Hope your night was a blast! Happy Weekend! I'm off on a quick road trip!


Happy Weekend! Wedding tomorrow, b-day party Sunday. And then...one week until vacation! Woo freaking hoooo! Have fun!


Starting your weekend with good beer is a great gateway to fun; Sparkleberry sounds both interesting and fun! Sadly, I live in a place that is woefully deficient in really good beer so I love my visits to Ft. Collins.


A weekend of FUN is the best kind of weekend at all. Make sure you save it all up to share with us!


I can feel the fun coming out through your photograph!! I wish I was having some - drinks and fun! LOL!

Linda in VA

Sharon R.

Is that the same gigs where you "tasted" five beers last year? ;)


fun indeed! (and are you drinking beer with a straw?)

kathy b

oh hope it was a wonderful first August weekend for you.
Most of ours was good. A bit stressed out today; but this too shall pass.
Son was bitten by a dog in Mexico volunteering….

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