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A Little Fun . . . on Friday

I don't like wearing shoes.  So, for me, one of the best things about summer is wearing flip-flops!  (Almost barefoot.  But not quite.)  

And flip-flops with a little bit of bling?  The Best Way to wear flip-flops.


(The hardest part is choosing which to wear!)

Hope you enjoy a wonderful summer weekend.


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Cheryl S.

Those are so cute!

I am sad that I cannot wear flip-flops (or other backless shoes) since I over-pronate and the shoes twist sideways under my feet.


Love the one on the right! I'm not a fan of flip flops, but I wear sandals all summer! Must show the toes and the pretty polish colors we wear.


I think you should wear one of each like in the photo!


I'm with Carole's comment. I'll add I have a few socks that don't match also.


Whatever the nail polish is, I really like it.


Oh yes! Though I hate cold feet I love the summer - toes out!


very fun! and a bright pedicure to boot!


i'm with Carole--one of each!


Love the nail polish! :)

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