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(Lots of) Words on Wednesday: Close to BINGO

This Book BINGO thing is kinda fun!


I usually have at least one hundred books on my "to read" list, and I'm pretty random about how I choose what to read next.  Printing out my card and playing along on Book BINGO has really helped me focus my summer reading!  

As you can see by the photo above, I'm close to BINGO several different ways, and will soon close in on my first BINGO.

What have I read so far?

  • Set in Another Country -- That would be Burial Rites, a rather haunting novel set in Iceland.
  • Published in 2014 - The Possibilities.  Yeah, I chose this one based on the title.  (Because POSSIBILITY.)  But I found it terribly tedious and predictable.  (Plus . . . a mom grieving the death of her happy-go-lucky, risk-taking, 22-year-old son.  Just a bit too close to home for me to be completely comfortable.)
  • Re-read Something - Winter's Tale.  And I discovered I still love this book, 31 years after reading it for the first time!  Not my all-time-favorite, but still right up there!  (This one could've also counted as a "Longer Than 500 Pages" square, but I'm not likely to re-read anything else this summer.  So there you have it.)
  • Currently On the Bestseller List - All the Light We Cannot See.  Pretty much totally worth the hype.  (This is a very good book.)
  • A Book That "Everyone" But You Has Read - Eleanor and Park.  Quite a charming story, even though I'm not a fan of YA fiction.
  • By An Author of  A Different Gender - I read Lost for Words, written by a man.  (I love satire.)
  • Thriller/Suspense - I just finished Doctor Sleep.  (True Confession:  I love Stephen King.  I usually treat myself to one Stephen King a year; usually in the summer.  This year it was Doctor Sleep -- the very good, very compelling, and very satisfying sequel to The Shining.)

I'm hot on the BINGO-trail with books-in-progress (or soon-to-be-started):

And it shouldn't be hard for me to fill in these squares:

  • An Audiobook
  • Borrowed from the Library
  • Longer than 500 Pages
  • By Any Booktopia Author (Not hard . . . because this list is a Cast of Thousands)

I'm pretty sure, though, that I won't be filling in the square calling for a book That You Think You Will Dislike (because that just sounds wasteful -- when there are so many books that I think I will LIKE) or By An Author Who Shares Your First Name.  I've looked.  There are actually a couple of books written by a Kym (with a Y) Douglas -- but she writes books about beauty tips from the stars.  And, really, life is too short.  So. . . NO.  I'll just PASS on that particular square.   (In fact, I've discovered that there are certain "author names" that turn up all the time: Anne, Catherine/Katherine/Kate, Christine, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret/Maggie, Sara/Sarah, Sophie, and even Zoe.  Kim/Kym is NOT on that list.)

How about you?  Playing Book BINGO?  Read any good books this summer?


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Did you blog about this when you began? It looks so interesting and definitely requires leaving your comfort zone. I read Song of the Lark earlier this year. As a Nebraska native, i am fascinated by Willa Cather's life and works, although Song wasn't my favorite.


Try finding an author with the first name margene! All the Light You Cannot See is my fave of the year (so far). Coraline was fun to read (love me some Neil Gaiman). You're going to end up with many Bingos! Good reading to you.


I am playing, as you know, and I'm closing in on bingo, too. I need a book recommended by a family member but I'm currently reading #5 of The Outlander series (900+ pages) and then I'll probably have to read the 3rd Deborah Harkness book since I've been waiting for her to finish this trilogy since FOR-EV-ER and it came out yesterday. Seriously - they should have had her chained to a desk until she finished. Oh wait, that's already been done - by Stephen King, no less. Hullo Misery.


Our book club has started up again so I've read some books I might not have picked otherwise. Orphan Train, The Book Thief, and Orange is the New Black. I did read Joyland by Stephen King. I like something of his once in awhile, too. I think It was the first of his books that I read. Kinda hooked me!


I just finished The Fault in Our Stars, a complete cry-fest. Now I'm reading an obscure book called Faith about the bad priest events. Set in Boston, totally familiar so easy. Now I know my vacation book could be All the Light We Cannot See or maybe I'll finally really tackle Transatlantic!


I am so glad you're playing along and making such great progress! I had two bingos before I left but ran out of time to blog...and now I've finished another five (!!!!) books this week. including Crooked Letter Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin as my Booktopia author selection. very satisfying and the southern Mississippi setting is rendered perfectly. recommended!

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