A Little Fun -- On Friday
Over the Threshold . . . Or Through the Bathroom Window


Over the weekend, Tom and I headed Up North . . . to our cottage on the lake.  


It's out a ways from town; secluded, but not remote.  

Baldwin . . . is the nearest town to our lake cottage.  It's about a 7-mile drive to the nearest grocery store and 10 miles to the "town center."  Some weekends, we never get close to town -- except for the drive in and the drive out.


But this weekend . . . was Troutarama weekend in Baldwin.  Something we usually avoid!  (Except one time . . . about 10 years ago now . . . when Brian and I went to town for an errand, not realizing it WAS Troutarama weekend . . . and got all caught up in the parade.)

We go Up North to get away -- and Troutarama tends to draw a nice Lake County crowd.  After all, Troutarama is Baldwins's biggest festival weekend (2nd only to the Blessing of the Bikes in May)!  Troutarama means . . . Carnival rides downtown.  A parade on Saturday.  (Of course) a fishing derby.  The annual softball tournament.  Community spaghetti dinners.  Live entertainment.  A beer tent.

And . . . a 5K!


Tom and I decided to run the 5K this year.  (If you look closely in the photo above, you can see a little ferris wheel.  That's part of the carnival "midway" set up through the middle of town!)


Tom was completely charmed by the Troutarama 5K logo . . . 




His favorite things!  He was All In!

It was a brutal course, though.  Dirt roads.  Some nasty hills (on the dirt roads).  Not. Fun.  Neither of us ran well.

But . . . 


Good Enough . . . to "sweep" our age group -- where each of us took first!  (One of us more impressively than the other.  But still. . . )


How fun was that?

We did skip the rides, the parade, and the beer tent, though . . . and headed back to our cottage for some rest and relaxation!  (And, yeah.  A beer from the fridge.)


I call it . . . Lakearama!




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There's the incentive I need to run a 5K - a Troutarama 5K T-shirt! Congratulations on your wins!


That's a well deserved cold beer made all the better in your own quiet spot. Your time is all the more impressive for it having been a brutal course. Well done!!


Congrats!! Congrats!!


Perfect mix for a fun weekend! The onlymthing missing is the trout? My husband would have been all over that!


I'm way impressed and extend my heart congrats to both of you! Sounds like you deserved that R&R at the cottage.

kathy b

That pair looks so familiar. So peaceful. I know the black flies used to make me nuts, but I MISS Up north wisconsin so much


congratulations on your wins! hope you found plenty of time after to relax...the lake looks so peaceful with the cloud reflections.


Awesome victory snap, Kym!

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