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A Little Fun . . . on Friday

Right Now . . . July 2014

Here in my neck of the woods, we're having a weird summer.  It . . . sort of . . . hasn't really gotten started yet.  Cooler-than-normal.  Wetter-than-normal.  Just sort of . . . different from usual.  So, it doesn't feel possible that it's already the end of July.

But it is!


Here's what's happening for me. . . Right Now! 

Watching . . . A History of European Art.  Seriously.  I purchased one of those super-duper-on-sale Great Courses.  I'm trying to cram a whole lot of art history into my brain before I travel to Italy in a month.  (Wish me luck.)

Reading . . . Just finished Thunderstruck and Other Stories (Elizabeth McCracken) - an excellent collection of short stories, if you like that kind of thing -- and Song of the Lark (Willa Cather) - which was . . . kind of meh.  I liked it - but not as much as I expected.  (I liked My Antonia MUCH better.)  I also read Doctor Sleep . . . as compelling a Stephen King novel as I've read in recent years.  Now, I'm settling in with what might be the ultimate in "cozy mysteries" - Death of a Cozy Writer (G.M. Malliet).

Knitting . . . Now that I'm finished with this knit, I'm ready to cast on for yet another shawl.  This one, to be exact.  The yarn is wound, the proper needle found.  Just haven't had the free moments to get started!  I'm also only inches away from finishing another of these.  (This one has an interesting lake story.  Someday I'll share it.)


Listening to . . . Tanya and Dorise.  These New Orleans street performers are incredible -- and their CDs are quite awesome.


Dreading . . . Shorter days.  Because it doesn't quite feel like I've had enough summer yet.

Planning . . .  A trip to Holland (Michigan) this weekend to take in Art in the Park with my Mom (an annual event for us) -- and maybe I'll see Brian, too.

Humming . . . This one . . . (it popped up on my iPod the other day). . . 


Wondering . . . Why it took so long for me to get back to my yoga class!!!  (Whatever the reason, I'm really glad to be back.)

Drinking . . . Every day! (But just a little.)

Itching to . . . Cut my hair a little bit shorter.  (Dare I?????)

Needing to . . . Deal with the bark beetles in my Austrian Pines.  Our yard has many (20+) Austrian Pines.  Many of them are succumbing to bark beetle damage.  I need to get some dead trees taken out -- and figure out if the rest of my trees can be saved.  (This is rather heartbreaking, and I'm in denial.)

Organizing . . .  My sister and I are headed to Italy in earliest September.  I'm converting all my documents and notes and websites into an Evernote file, so it's all easily available on my phone and/or iPad.


Delighted by . . . One of my orchid plants is getting ready to re-bloom!  This has never happened for me before (despite a long history with orchids).  I don't know what I did to encourage this activity, but I'm thrilled!


Inspired by . . . The changing sky.  We've seen some beautiful sky-scenes this summer -- clouds and storms and sunsets.  It seems I'm always running inside to grab my camera!

Celebrating . . . My "see-you-next year" check up with my oncologist!  (Things are looking good!)


Pleased with . . . Although I really do prefer my summers to be more . . . well, summer-y . . . I must say that the weather has been perfect for running!  Who would've thought that late-July running could be so comfortable!?!

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?



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Cut your hair even shorter! You'd look marvelous! My sister cut hers to one inch long and she looked so sophisticated. Dare I say, I DARE you?
Our summer has been dry (until now), but cooler, too. Here it's welcome, but it sound like your summer is a little too cool. I love the videos...thank you for sharing. My heart skipped a beat over your trip to Italy! It's the one place I would love to go.
Maybe you'll see Vicki's hubby at the Art Show. Isn't it the same one where he'll be showing?
Your August and September sound wonderful!


I just saw my cousin's daughter and she had shaved her head for breast cancer awareness (for her Mom - she follows you faithfully!)and it's about 1 1/2 inches long now and stunning. Stunning. As I'm sure you would be too. It's certainly a different summer here as well. So excited for you and your trip!


Our nights have definitely been chillier than usual but the days have been warm and beautiful. I'm getting excited for our 2 week Cape Cod vacation. Woot!


I love your "Right Now" posts; they're always filled with so many interesting things! I'm also delighted by your orchid re-bloom. I can't resist those tiny Ice Orchids from the grocery store http://www.justaddiceorchids.com/minis and they rebloom like crazy and the flowers last for months! I am saddened by your bark beetle problem. I've seen the devastation they've caused in MT, WY, and CO and it's tragic. Fingers crossed for you and your pines!


I've wondered how it can be the end of July already...not a very summery summer here either.
We've had a disease/bug go through our little town and it's taken out all the white birch trees. It's so sad to lose the mature trees.


The park near my apartment just had to cut down a giant swath of trees because (according to a helpful sign that I read) they had Oak Wilt or Oak Rot or some other Tree Killing Thing. It looks awful and I hope that once the soil has been purged of said Tree Killing Thing they plant a lot of new trees--which I'm sure is the plan because the park is a huge green space here.

Either way, what I'm getting at is that even if you have to get rid of some of the trees, you can plant more trees. NEW trees. BETTER trees. Not sick trees that will be happy and also won't fall over on your house in a storm.

Cheryl S.

So busy!
Sorry about your bark beetles, but yay for your orchid!


Love the update! Go short(er)!! Finish the poncho (could be perfect for September in Italy?) and YAY on the oncologist update and running in July and not feeling like you're gonna die. I kind of feel like I wasted the one cool (below 70 degrees - just yesterday) morning we've had on a walk. Can't wait to hear more about your Italy plans!

kathy b

LOve you up to the minute post.
Finished reading ON FIRE today. Good book. Short chapters. Great writing.

Walking those darn steps. The weather is ideal at dusk.

casting on a a baby sweater

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