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Over the Threshold . . . Or Through the Bathroom Window


Every day, we cross over thresholds.  From one room to another.  From inside to outside.  From outside to inside.  Even from one life . . . to another!


Today, we're talking about Thresholds We Cross Every Day.


I have a really nice front door.  It's a lovely brick red.  Our front porch is quite inviting.  And yet . . . I rarely cross that particular threshold!

I DO, however, cross these . . . nearly every day:


1.  Once I cross over from sleeping. . . to waking . . . I cross over the threshold of my shower.


2.  And then I usually cross the threshold of my closet.  (And, yeah.  I failed at the 33-items thing.  But my closet is in much better shape than it used to be.)


3.  When I leave the house, I usually step out over the threshold between the back hall and our garage. Not the most scenic route, for sure.  But the most convenient, certainly.


4.  Once in the garage, I often hop behind the wheel of my car.


5.  And then . . . out the garage and into the driveway.

  Photo (1)

6.  On workdays, I cross into the parking ramp.


7.  And then into my office.


8.  Back home, to get to the back yard and patio, we usually use the slider (the dogs' threshold-of-choice!).


9.  Pretty much every day, I use my garden gate.


10.  And, at the end of every day, I use the threshold of our bar.  Because. . . you know.  Wine.

How about YOU?  What thresholds do you cross every day?


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This was a fun topic - thank you for suggesting it! I love that you took photos to illustrate all of your thresholds. And YES to the threshold of your bar!


How nice to have Jenny and Jo-Jo waiting for you. Your thresholds are attractive, especially the one to the bar!


What an excellent topic; you really gave me something to think about! I love your thresholds and your Keen sandals!


So fun...and to the bar! Oh yes!Hi Jenny and Jo Jo!


What a lot of places we enter every day. I'd never stopped to consider it before. Clever of you to think of it!


What fun pictures! I enjoyed "crossing over your thresholds" with you...

Linda in VA


I love seeing Symphony on your office door! (and of course threshold #10...I'm joining you in that right now!)

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