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Today's post needs a little soundtrack* . . .


This week, we're talking about repeat-knits . . . you know.  Those patterns we can knit . . . over and over!

I have to admit, I'm not a big repeat-knitter!  I am usually looking for variety and fresh challenges when I knit, and I'm rarely intrigued enough with a pattern that I want to knit it again and again.


That said . . . there are a few things that I turn back to . . . over and over.

1.  Spa Day Face Cloths.  I have made many of these for gifts (they make a particularly nice gift with a special bar of soap).  They're quick, not too much of a slog, and turn out really nicely (especially knit in a luxurious cotton yarn).

2.  Fleece Mittens - Family Style.  This pattern is by a local knitter/designer, and is quick-to-knit and incredibly warm.  I've knit two pairs, and I have an order (from Erin) for a third.  


One year, for Christmas, I went a bit crazy for slippers!  

3.  Duffers - revisted.  I knit 6 pair of Duffers that year.  I could make more.  (And, in fact, I've already been advised that some of the original pairs are wearing out.  Could I replace them?)

4.  Men's Felted Moc Slippers.  I ended up making 4 pairs of these.  They were much more complicated and . . . involved . . . than the the Duffers.  I would consider making more, though, because they seemed to have been a hit with the men-folk.


5.  Wee-one Welcome Set.  This is my go-to baby welcoming gift.  I have truly knit this one . . . over and over!  It's basic and uncomplicated, and looks great in any yarn (fun buttons make all the difference).  I'm pretty sure I'm not finished with this pattern yet!

6.  Baktus scarf.  I've only knit this one once, so far.  But it was fun -- and it turned out great.  I've been meaning to make another . . . and . . . someday I will!


7.  Hipster.  This is a great hat.  I've made a couple for Brian -- one he gave away to a friend, and the other . . . well . . . he had a bit of a laundry mishap.  I made a replacement for him -- using a different pattern.  That one ended up stretching out way too much -- so I need to make (at least) one more Hipster for him when the weather turns.

8.  Honey Cowl.  And, really.  Hasn't everyone made this one?  So addictive -- repetitive, but not in a boring way.  I've made three.  I'll probably make more!


 9.  Ragtop.  Best fingerless glove pattern EVER.  I will just keep turning out Ragtops.  Great pattern.  Quick to knit.  Fun to wear.  Perfect, really!

10.  Ringwood Socks.  I made a pair of socks for my Mom using this pattern last year.  I was really happy with the way they turned out -- nice fit, fun to knit.  If I ever get around to making another pair of socks . . . I'll knit this pattern again!

How about YOU?  What patterns would you knit . . . over and over?


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*  My college roommate's brother played guitar for Joan Jett and the HeartBreakers!


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My Ravelry queue just got a bit longer.


What a great list; you've given me several "over and over" ideas. That's exactly the soundtrack I thought you'd use, but I have the Tommy James and the Shondells version in my head - my sister's fault for playing the 45 incessantly!


I love the duffers. I have heard so many people raving about them!


I made a similar pair of felted loafer slippers for my son-in-law; he thinks they're the best slippers ever and has repeatedly thanked me! Yay!!

Am I the last on the planet to make a Honey Cowl? I'm not sure it's even in my Favorites. :)

Love that baby sweater, especially in such great yarn.


There are at least fourprojects here I'd like to try! This turned out to be a great ToT!


One Duffer was enough for me! :)
I haven't knit the Honey Cowl, but it's beautiful and would a relaxing knit.
Ragtops rule.


Must bookmark that baby set, adorable!


Those slippers look super cozy! Great list!


I do recognize a few of those patterns...but I haven't knit any of them myself. Thanks for the great suggestions!


I've knit many of the same things over and over but have used different patterns than yours...maybe I need to do a little change up and try out one or two of yours!


The ragtop mitts have been in my queue for a few years. Perhaps this year I'll actually make them!


That's the second time I saw Ragtop mentioned today, I definitely want to try that one!

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