Over the Threshold . . . Or Through the Bathroom Window
Throwback Thursday: The Prophet of Weather

Jenny the Intrepid

Every once in a while, when the air is still and the light is just right, the visibility in/on our lake Up North is pretty impressive!

Up top . . . it's like a mirror, reflecting the sky and the clouds with perfect clarity.


Down below . . . you can see all the fish and turtles and minnows and frogs.


Jenny notices!


For over two hours on Sunday afternoon, Jenny hunted. . . 


and stalked . . . 


and fished . . . 


both above the surface and below.


She didn't catch anything . . . this time . . .


But it wasn't for lack of effort!

Next time . . . says Jenny the Intrepid . . . 



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Love it! Rocket was a big frog hunter. Booney - still too young and figuring it out! TGIW my friend!


Dixie used to do that same thing for HOURS when we camped. She would wear herself out, walking the edge, sticking her nose in the water now and again, but always coming up with . . . NOTHING!


Jenny must have had a nice nap after all that work! Better luck next time, Jenny!


We could all learn a lesson from Jenny. She knows how to enjoy her surroundings! Go Jenny!


Wow the water is up really high this year! Which, come to think of it, makes a lot of sense considering all the snow you got up there.

I love these pictures. You can just see the way Jenny is entranced by the fish. She WANTS the fish.

I think it's not just her dog instincts, but her Labrador instincts. Labs were originally bred as fishing dogs. They would go retrieve the fish for their masters.

Aren't you glad that (a) I read the wiki page on labs, and (b) Jenny didn't actually retrieve any fish for you?


The absolute focus and intensity of a dog on a mission never fails to amuse and inspire me!


I hope she knows how lucky she is! your lakehouse looks like an amazing place to visit...especially in the summertime!

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