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Michigan is an incredibly beautiful state.  
A lot of people are surprised by that.  Because they think . . . Detroit.  Manufacturing.  Industry.  Cars.

But no.

Michigan is sandy beaches.


Massive dunes.

Cherry Coast Trip 067

Rugged coastline.

Lake Michigan Coastline

And water.  Lots of water.


I love the sights of Michigan!

And, without any plans or intentions, I knit myself a shawl. . . that ended up reminding me of Michigan!


It's all there.  The sand.  The water.  The sky.  The whole coastline!


And I can even wear it right now!  Because this summer is a cool one.  
Some summers are just like that . . .


Especially in Michigan!


Ravelry details here.





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A shawl that brings home, home. It's beautiful and BIG, and all encompassing. You'll love wrapping up in your beauty no matter where you go. xox


Color Affection? And it is all there--lovely!


The shawl is gorgeous and it's even better that it makes you think of the beautiful place that you live. Our summer hasn't been cool, I think it's been just right.


It's lovely, Kym!

Cheryl S.

Lovely! (Both Michigan and the shawl)


Beautiful! I love how it turned out to represent your state. Very cool!


BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE IT! My knitting mojo has been non existent this year however I do believe it has just been awakened! Just so pretty and the colors and lavish size make this shawl just wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with us!


if this one is "summer in Michigan" don't you need one for winter? ;-)


Love, love, love! It is spectacular!

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