Water Dogs: Take 2
Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme


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Love that windowsill! And Happy Birthday Kym's Mom! You've got yourself a great girl...have a wonderful year ahead.


Those vases are perfect for single, spectacular blooms. And happy birthday to the mom of my very dear friend.


love all that color (I think I type this comment a lot on your blog in the summer :-)

and happy birthday to your mom - hope you have a wonderful celebration for a very special person!!


Beautiful vases--it looks like you have a flower garden in the house. ,And happy whatever to your mom. You look a lot alike.


Love your vases and blooms too. So cheerful! Your yard looks amazing, BTW.
Happy Birthday, Kym's Mom! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)


Happy Birthday to your mom!May the day be full of joy and celebration.
Kym, the colored glass vases are very photogenic, especially with the garden in the background!


Ooops! Belated wishes are wishes nonetheless... Happy Birthday!! I hope it was fab.

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