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Sweet Child O' Mine

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When my sweet child was still a baby child, we lived across the street from a park . . . and on the other side of the park was an elementary school.  My sweet child used to stand at the picture window in our living room every morning and watch (with great fascination) the school buses coming and going.

Erin 9 months copy

I used to look at that fuzzy little head and smooch those chubby baby cheeks and think it would be a million years before she'd leave me and go off to school in one of those buses.

And I wondered how I would bear it.

When the time came (much sooner than the million years I imagined), I did bear it.

And I just kept on bearing it, as that sweet child swirled farther and farther out into the world.

Her world.


She came home for a visit last week, my sweet child.  

So grown up.

So independent.

So . . . just where she ought to be -- living her own life . . . her own way!


Still.  She'll always be that . . . sweet child o' mine!




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Isn't it amazing?! They grow up and become proficient, capable adults, and better yet, simply wonderful people!


Sweet post! A child who grew her wings and learned to fly is a great reflection of herself...and her loving parents.


Exactly what Jo said! So glad you had a nice little visit though. ;-)


Augh, mom, you made me cry. :) It was great to visit. :D


She's a great daughter to be on her own, independent and knowing her own mind, but still able to spend time with mom and enjoy it. You really couldn't ask for more! Lucky mom, lucky kid!


She's able to do what she's doing because you gave her the foundation and then the freedom to make her way in the world. Great job, Kym and Tom.


You gave her roots and wings and she is using both. Good job!


aw...you made me tear up! congratulations on a job well-done!

kathy b

She's so beautiful. Im sure she's as fabulous on the inside too!

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