Throwback Thursday: Reelin' in the Years
A Little Break

Right Now . . . June 2014

June . . . 

What a busy, bursting-at-the-seams, blooming month!


What's happening in my world . . . RIGHT NOW?


Watching . . . Sunsets. (Which seem to be more awesome every night.)  Fireflies.  (Saw my first one of the season just last night.)  Weeds.  (We've had plenty of rain this year, so everything - including the weeds! - are enjoying a bumper crop.)

Reading . . . All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  I'm nearly half-way in, and let me tell you -- this book is totally living up to its hype!  I'm still re-reading Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin (the book I first loved and read in 1983), and finding ... it's as good as I remember!


(I realize this shot is completely . . . unappealling.  The color is so much more awesome in real life.  Plus . . . mystery.  So you'll have to wait to see it in all its glory.)

Knitting . . . Lately, it's been All-Mystery-Shawl-All-the-Time around here!  So far, I'm keeping up with the clues (last one out this weekend!) and really loving the design.  There's something magical to me about knitting lace in the summer -- so this lace-y mystery is really fitting my life right now.  That said, I'm ready to embark on something a little less brain-taxing.  I have this in mind.  And . . . I may finally cast on for one of these.

Listening to . . . Dar Williams.


Dreading . . . Dealing with the ugly string algae in my little garden ponds.  (I'll spare you a photo.  Just picture . . . ugh.)  (Also -- last month I showed you a photo of my shattered iPhone screen.  The fix was super-easy!  I had the screen replaced.  It looks like a brand new phone.  And now, my phone is safely ensconced in an OtterBox.)

Planning . . . What to take with me on my vacation up north.  (Which begins TODAY!)  (Knitting and reading materials being vital for a quiet week away!) 

Humming . . . When I got my new car last month, it came with 3 free months of satellite radio.  It didn't take me 30 seconds to locate the Pearl Jam station.  This song has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now. . .


Wondering . . . How people can manage knitting rather complicated lace from just the written directions?  I am in awe!  I have always knit lace from a chart - which seems super intuitive to me.  But I know that there are lots of knitters who prefer knitting from written directions.  

Drinking . . . Peachy Canyon Zinfandel (my current favorite).

Itching to . . . Sort out some things that are bugging me and get some perspective.  (I think a week up north ought to help with that.)

Needing to . . . Tackle the weeds that are EVERYwhere in my garden this year -- and especially in my herb garden.  Lots of rain = lush plantings + WEEDS!

Organizing . . .  Garden stuff.  Now that the biggest rush of planting is (for the most part) finished, I can take some time and organize my potting bench and gardening tools, etc.


Delighted by . . . Playing ball with JoJo.  Because she actually brings the ball back - and gives it to me! - to throw again.  Interactive fun for both of us!  (Jenny, by contrast, is always more of a tug-of-war dog.  I throw the ball; she catches the ball; then we have to tug for it.  Jenny always wins. . .with her jaws-of-steel.)


Inspired by . . . My sewing machine and the Vogue pattern super-sale I ran into at JoAnn Fabrics last week.

Celebrating . . . Vacation.  Starting today!


Pleased with . . . My new patio furniture!

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . Right Now?



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I LOVE your new patio furniture! We have SO many weeds in our garden that we've been doing research and some of them are edible. I'm tempted to make a fritatta from purslane and lambsquarters. :)
Enjoy your weekend up north...relax and kick back!


Your patio looks so lovely and inviting, I love the color of the cushions and those ferns are gorgeous! Vacation time is the best, relax and enjoy, knit and read read read!


I love the furniture too! We are in desperate need of an upgrade. Have a wonderful week up north, relax and enjoy. I'll clink you along the way!


Enjoy your vacation, hopefully with lots of reading and knitting! Margene may be on to something with eating weeds. I was talking to my SIL about digging out hundreds of dandelions in the Spring, and she just laughed and told me to make quiche with them. She's been eating weeds (mainly dandelions, chickweed, and purslane) for years. I recently heard Tama Matsuoka Wong interviewed and while I'm still not a complete convert, thinking about the possibility of eating them does make me feel more kindly towards the weeds invading my gardens.

kathy b

Love the new furniture. can't wait for UP north pictures. I have to live through you this year


Your zinnias look super!
I'm going to look into All the Lights We Cannot See. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the link!
Happy knitting, reading and playing fetch for the coming week. Hope the dogs get to do a little dock leaping! :D


The color of the patio furniture is just watermelony, luscious and summery! You're keeping a lot of balls in the air--vacation is in order.


I love zinnias! And yours are so lovely. My Mom used to plant those when we were growing up. So your photo brought back some good memories!

Linda in VA

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