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Once is Not Enough


I like to watch movies ... but usually one viewing is plenty for me!  


There are some, though, that really click with me -- and I can watch those movies over and over again.  Once is not enough . . . 


We don't have very many movies in our home DVD collection -- but we do have several of my very favorites . . .   Movies I can watch again and again . . . and never tire of:

  1. Bull Durham 
  2. High Fidelity
  3. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  4. Amelie
  5. Love Actually
  6. Waking Ned Devine
  7. Best in Show
  8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  9. Pulp Fiction
  10. O Brother, Where Art Thou

How about YOU?  Which movies can you watch over and over?


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I'm definitely with you on Ferris and Best in Show. I loved Waking Ned Devine but I only watched it once. Thanks for a fun topic!


I've never seen Bull Durham but may have to remedy that some rainy day this summer!


Your list is a good one and I would watch many of them again. I loved High Fidelity , Pulp Fiction, and Oh Brother. Pass the popcorn!


I still need to watch O Brother...I do love the soundtrack! otherwise out lists would have a lot in common. Adore Four Weddings and Love Actually!


I love Waking Ned Devine! And it's time for a Bull Durham re-watch. Great topic this week Kym!


These are all wonderful movies. The more blogs I read the more titles come to mind. Fried Green Tomatoes!


Oh, man!  How did I forget that one!  What a great movie!  :-)


My husband would have "O Brother" on his list; so many memorable lines!


Couldn't resist this topic: You have a great list. I also love The Holiday every time I watch it


Great list!
I also like The Freshman with Matthew Broderick, and I can watch Strictly Ballroom over and over. I also like to re-watch Under the Tuscan Sun, especially when I feel under the weather.


I can watch Notting Hill and Sweet Home Alabama any time they are on...which is fairly frequently!

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